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"Take down that statue."  Now France is fighting the Christian saints

“Take down that statue.” Now France is fighting the Christian saints

The political and judicial battle to save the statue of Saint Michael, the patron saint of paratroopers, continues. That was last December when the Jacobin Society liber benesse He obtained from the Administrative Court of Nantes the approval to demolish the statue of Saint Michael (“Saint Michael and the Dragon”) in October 2018 in the square in front of the Basilica of Saint-Michel in the municipality of Nantes within six months. Les Sables-d’ Olonne, in Vendée, in western France. The judges agreed with the Assembly on the basis of the 1905 Law on Church-State Relations which “Opposes the placement of a sign or emblem, in public, that expresses recognition of a sect or indicates a religious preference“As the verdict states. On September 16, the Nantes Court of Appeal confirmed the court’s ruling: Mayor Moreau now has six months to remove the statue of Saint Michael from the town square. But the citizens are protesting and want to go to Save the statue from the barbarism of the secular abolition of culture.

Citizens on the street to save the statue

As mentioned freecourt Nantes Saint-Michel defines it as dangerous”Leader of the Heavenly Good Angels Militia“to be a part”Christian iconography“Therefore there is”religious figureThis is why the statue must be removed.From publicly owned placesBut the city of Vendé’s reaction to the ruling and a referendum called by the municipality confirm that 94% of citizens are asking the mayor to move to the third degree. The State Council.. Meanwhile, the protest is spreading with great mobilization. More than 1000 peoplelast October 15, including 300 former paratroopers, marched on Les Sables d’Olonne as part of the “popular march“Never seen defending the statue of Saint-Michel. At the foot of the 3-meter-high monument, a”patriotic party“By the Parachute Associations and City Hall.

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The battle for identity

that the citizens of Les Sable Dolon It’s no whim: the battle – summertime – takes on clashing tones over French identity. Which is based on the secular nature of the state, but without abandoning the traditions and symbols of its Christian history. As it actually explains, Etienne Madrangesa distinguished jurist and honorary judge, quoted by free: “This is France. France has a history … Religious symbols, witnesses to a history dating back two thousand years, are scattered everywhere. Like the thousands of crosses that adorn country streets far from any church, or in everyday vocabulary, where the victim is often said to have experienced…a true ordeal.“Seriously committed to defending the statue, as well as Mayor Lee Sable Dolon Yannick Morrow Supports this approach. “The political time for elections and the time for the judiciary are over. It’s time to celebrate Saint Michael. The time for silence is over. The city defends its heritage“He told local media, he also pointed out, on social networks, the energy some people use to attack”Our culture and traditionsNow the ball is passed back to the stewards, who will have to decide whether or not to ‘dismantle’ the statue of Saint-Michel and thus protect not only a symbol of tradition, but also the popular will of the city of Vendee wanting a monument in its place.