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Taiwan, Nancy Pelosi prepares visit  Beijing threatens "strong responses".

Taiwan, Nancy Pelosi prepares visit Beijing threatens “strong responses”.

At this time, a trip with dates for Speaker of the American Chamber Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan next month should be put on paper and confirmed. But China’s reaction, amid tensions between Washington and Beijing, was not long in coming: the Chinese ministry threatened to respond with “firm and strong measures” when Pelosi arrives in Taipei. Foreign Affairs. Rumblings of military mobilization in the Asian arena raise fears of a new crisis.

“It will significantly erode China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” government spokesman Zhao Lijiang said of Pelosi’s trip, whose plans were published by the Financial Times. “This will have a serious impact on the foundation of relations between China and the United States, sending a seriously wrong signal to Taiwan’s pro-independence forces.” Beijing’s defense ministry added that it will “defeat any form of interference from outside forces and separatist plots for Taiwan’s independence”.

Taiwan has become an increasingly hot spot in the geopolitical and military game between the two powers and their allies: Chinese President Xi Jinping has always considered it part of the country and has intensified nationalist tones and plans for reunification. It has increased military pressure in the region, sending frequent airstrikes and conducting combat maneuvers near the island. If necessary, with a diplomatic and peaceful course, he forced a way to achieve his objectives.

Without openly denying the “strategic ambiguity” of traditional American politics, the White House rose to the challenge by raising the tone and renewing pledges and aid in support of the island’s security. A new US $ 108 million package of American weapons destined for the island and designed to help the local army resist the invasion of a much larger enemy, has already become a symbol and the subject of fierce litigation in recent days. Beijing has been clamoring in recent days to cut off the supply.

For Washington, there is more behind the personal moments of conflict. In the updated doctrine of the Pentagon and the US administration, China is viewed by Washington as a key long-term global strategic adversary. Instead, Russia represents an immediate danger. An attitude toward Beijing that informs the entire US foreign policy: President Joe Biden has just returned from a trip to the Middle East, where one objective was to prevent the expansion of Beijing’s influence among the Arabs. Countries.