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Syria's front reopens, airstrikes on US allied rebels in Moscow

Syria’s front reopens, airstrikes on US allied rebels in Moscow

While the decisive battle for Donbass is underway in Ukraine, In Syria Tension between Russia And United States. Washington e E They have been operating on opposite fronts for many years, but not openly confronting each other, but now an incident between the two sides is heating up again at the forefront.

Russian attack on US allies

The Kremlin, an ally of the Bashar al-Assad regime, really exists Carried out a series of airstrikes against local rebel fighters In southeastern Syria, friendship with the United States near the al-Danf garrison where the Maghreb al-Tawra militants operate. The Russians justified the attack by claiming that the group had carried out a roadside bombing against Russian forces, a fact denied by the United States. According to some U.S. defense officials, Moscow may have leaked the motive for the attacks to Americans: US militant allies have been relocated.

Russia’s announcement

The announcement came from Russia Bilateral line of conflict In this each party informs the other military operations and movements, which can lead to miscalculations if each party is unaware of the other’s activities. The U.S. view is that the Russians have reduced the risk of crisis, knowing that the U.S. will notify local militants.

Warning to the United States?

In fact, there were no casualties or injuries as a result of the Russian attacks, only minor damage to structures. However, the purpose of the attack is another: not to hit, but to throw Warning to the United States: Moscow can attack without worrying about retaliation.

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This is not the first time such an event has taken place, and in February 2018, a force of 500 people, including Russian contractors and a Christian militant loyal to the Syrian regime, clashed with the “Syrian Democratic Forces” affiliated with the United States. , Near a large oil field. When the Russians started bombing, the United States retaliated for about three hours with heavy airstrikes and artillery fire. In that case the deconfact communication line did not work: the counter-attack was already underway when the communication came.