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Switzerland – Germany 1-1: Final score and highlights


  • 90’+5′

    And it ends here! Germany tied in the final and moved from first place to the round of 16: great Switzerland had to settle for second place.22:53

  • 90’+2′

    Goal! Switzerland – Germany 1-1 Volkrug goal And here comes the German equalizer at the end: a winning shot from the Borussia Dortmund striker, who rises higher than anyone else from Raum’s cross and beats Sommer. Finally, the Swiss wall came down, and the Germans were once again first in Group A.22:50

  • 90′

    4 minutes of extra time allowed.22:48

  • 88′

    Swiss opportunity! With his left foot from 20 meters from Xhaka, Neuer flies in and clears it wide: a great save from the German goalkeeper.22:46

  • 85′

    Germany opportunity! Havertz broke free from just a corner kick and fired a sloppy header that ricocheted over the crossbar: the Germans were one step away from an equaliser.22:43

  • 84′

    Disallowed goal for Vargas! The Swiss striker is too cold to beat Neuer from the right flank, but he comes out a split second early and ends up in an offside position.22:42

  • 83′

    A bad cross pass from Gundogan’s midfield, Sommer alone easily blocks it in the middle of the area.22:41

  • 81′

    Yellow card Switzerland: Former Udinese player Widmer was penalized for a foul near the short left corner of the penalty area.22:39

  • 80′

    Germany now advances with nerve, Switzerland holds its own: a stratospheric game far removed from Akanji, always in the right place at the right time.22:38

  • 76′

    Substitution in Germany: Musiala exits and Volkrug enters.22:34

  • 76′

    Second substitution for Germany: Wirtz comes on and Sane comes on.22:34

  • 73′

    Germany now controls the game, but Switzerland does not give an inch, defending resolutely and always finding ways to make themselves dangerous near the German penalty area.22:31

  • 70′

    Germany opportunity! Kimmich, a stone’s throw from the goal line, receives a brilliant assist from Wirtz and tries to kick towards goal: a crucial intervention in the circumstances by Akanji, who touches it with his toe, saves Switzerland.22:31

  • 68′

    Havertz shined inside the penalty area, and his header went wide of the goal.22:26

  • 66′

    Yellow card for Switzerland: Dangerous and late intervention by Xhaka.10:28

  • 65′

    Swiss substitution: Nadouye exits and Amdouni enters.22:25

  • 65′

    Swiss substitution, with Embolo leaving and Doua entering.22:25

  • 65′

    Swiss substitution: Ryder out, Vargas in.22:24

  • 65′

    Substitution in Germany: Andrich out and Pierre in.22:23

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  • 63′

    A wonderful shot from a long distance by new substitute Raum, who sent it just over the crossbar.22:21

  • 61′

    Alternative Germany: Mittelstadt out and Raum in.22:20

  • 61′

    Substitution in Germany: a lost exit, Schlotterbeck’s entry.22:19

  • 58′

    Germany pushes: High recovery and restart from Havertz, Akanji distracts himself and saves a corner.22:16

  • 55′

    Germany opportunity! Kroos shoots hard from the edge of the penalty area and comes very close to the right post of the goal, which is defended by Sommer.22:12

  • 54′

    Switzerland continues to work admirably tactically, taking advantage of the large space left by Germany’s defensive line.22:12

  • 50′

    Germany opportunity! Musiala collects it at sixteen meters and fires a powerful right shot that Sommer blocks centrally with his fists.22:08

  • 48′

    Embolo keeps three German defenders busy inside the box, then fails to clear the ball: goal kick for Germany.22:06

  • 45′

    It starts again! The restart process begins between Switzerland and Germany.22:05

  • At the moment, Switzerland will incredibly qualify for first place in Group A, ahead of Germany, who will therefore meet the second-placed team in Group B, Italy, in the round of 16. However, the challenge is still very open: Nagelsmann has several solutions available to overturn the result.21:51

  • Germany plays the match, but Switzerland with great strength and organization creates huge problems for the hosts in the building phase. The Swiss team deserved to take the lead thanks to Ndoye, who came close to doubling the score a few minutes later. Andrich’s goal was disallowed for the Germans.21:49

  • 45’+3′

    The end of the first half! Switzerland surprises Germany at the moment and takes the lead in Frankfurt: Ndoye’s goal from Bologna decides the match at the moment.21:48

  • 45′

    Two minutes extra time is allowed.21:45

  • 43′

    Germany now presses with more continuity: Akanji puts the ball outside the penalty area, Andrich stops it on the edge and shoots the ball from the first time but misses the shot.21:43

  • 42′

    Musiala ran into the attacking midfield and passed the ball to Havertz, who missed the mark inside the box with a shot high over the crossbar.21:42

  • 41′

    A wonderful cross the first time from Kroos from the left side to the center of the area for Rudiger, who headed the ball clumsily without it reaching the goal.21:41

  • 38′

    Yellow card for Germany: Dangerous intervention by Tah on Embolo. The German central defender was subject to one booking and will therefore miss the round of 16.21:39

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  • 37′

    Kimmich tries to move Musiala into the penalty area, but he completely misses the first pass into the penalty area.21:37

  • 34′

    Foul by Ndoye on Mittelstadt in the middle of the field: the Swiss, who has already been booked, risks a second yellow card but Orsato is pardoned.21:34

  • 33′

    Andrić tries to kick from a distance, collides with the ball and gets an unexpected corner kick.21:33

  • 31′

    Swiss opportunity! Once again, Ndoye was out of reach of the German defence: a low diagonal shot from a tight angle and the ball hit the post to Neuer’s left.21:30

  • 28′

    Goal! Switzerland – Germany 1-0, Nadoye’s goal. A wonderful intervention inside the penalty area from the Bologna striker, who attacks the near post and beats Neuer with a first strike with his right foot. The kiss was assisted by his teammate Freuler on this occasion, who matched the cross from the left with perfect curls.

    View Dan Ndoye’s player profile21:29

  • 25′

    Yellow card for Switzerland: Ndoye is booked for a bad tackle on Rudiger.21:25

  • 24′

    Switzerland is pressing hard, forcing Germany to return to Neuer often during the build-up phase. After quite a few back passes, Kroos played brilliantly to make room for the Germans.21:24

  • 21′

    The resumption of German activity is always difficult to manage, but Switzerland is back very on schedule, avoiding risks via central routes for the time being. However, the situation on the outside lanes is more complicated, especially the left lane where Wirtz finds space to make an impact.21:21

  • 17′

    Goal disallowed for Andrich! The Leverkusen midfielder was denied inside the Swiss penalty area, collecting and shooting from 25 metres: the rebound betrayed Sommer, who made a brilliant effort with the ball going wide. However, the match was spoiled by an apparent foul from Musiala, which Orsato admitted after a VAR review.21:19

  • 16′

    Many duels in midfield, and the game is still quite balanced: Germany trying to raise the engine revs.21:16

  • 12′

    Havertz arrives first with the ball in the small area and falls after contact. For Orsato, there are no conditions for a penalty kick.21:12

  • 10′

    Another Swiss rebound in the attacking midfield, who then falters near the penalty area and fails to serve Embolo.21:09

  • 9′

    A huge mistake by Tah. Embolo touches the midfield but does not take advantage of it.21:08

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  • 6′

    Switzerland is aggressive on the ground, and Germany, as usual, tries to dribble in the middle of the field.21:06

  • 3′

    Switzerland responds through Ndoye, who in turn gets a corner kick after Mittelstadt returns.21:03

  • 2′

    The first great personal move from Musiala, a through pass to Havertz, which Schar returned in the last minute to the penalty area: a corner kick for Germany.21:02

  • We’re going to go! The Germans moved the first ball of the match.21:00

  • The teams are on the field at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt during the playing of the national anthem, and the match between Switzerland and Germany will begin soon.20:52

  • In Germany there is no turnover, there is room for many beginners including those who have been booked within the ban. The stars Vertz and Musiala support Havertz in the attack, confirming his position at the heart of the attack.20:06

  • Embolo returns to the starting lineup for the Swiss national team for the first time since the 6-1 defeat against Portugal in the 2022 World Cup, but he started on the wing.20:05

  • This is Manuel Neuer’s 37th appearance as a regular starter for Germany between the European Championships and the World Cup: only Cristiano Ronaldo (45) has more than the German goalkeeper.20:04

  • La Germania responded with a 4-2-3-1 formation: Neuer; Kimmich, Rudiger, Tah, Mittelstadt; Andrich, Cross; Musiala, Gundogan, Wirtz; Havertz. CT: Nagelsmann.20:04

  • Switzerland takes the field in a 3-4-3 formation: Sommer; Char, Akanji, Rodriguez; Widmer, Xhaka, Freuler, Ndoye; Ebescher, Reader. Embolus. Coach: Yakin.20:02

  • The Italian referee was appointed for this match: Daniele Orsato.19:53

  • In 11 of Germany’s last 12 matches, including friendlies leading up to Euro 2024, at least one goal has been scored during the first half.19:51

  • Switzerland and Germany face each other for the first time in the final stage of the European Football Championship and, overall, for the first time since the 1966 World Cup. The Germans have won the last two matches (formerly 1N, 1L) in which they have always scored at least three goals.19:51

  • Welcome back to Euro 2024! Group A ends, Germany has dominated so far with maximum points and has already qualified for the round of 16. However, Switzerland, who will likely follow, can achieve an incredible first place with a win today after beating Hungary and drawing with Scotland.19:49

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Deutsche Bank Park
    City: Frankfurt
    Capacity: 51,500 spectators19:49

    Deutsche Bank Park
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