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Switzerland defeats Canada in the big match and wins Denmark, Finland and the USA - OA Sport

Switzerland defeats Canada in the big match and wins Denmark, Finland and the USA – OA Sport

We have officially entered the final rush of the two groups regarding the 2022 Ice Hockey World Championships taking place in Finland. In fact, groups are coming to an end and which teams will advance to the knockout stage. At the same time, teams appear that will try to avoid the last place, and thus relegation from the first division.

In Group A, in addition to Italy’s defeat against SlovakiaWe have seen Denmark’s victories over France and Switzerland over Canada for the record. in group bInstead, the United States overtook Sweden, Finland got rid of Austria, while Norway was under the rule of the Czech Republic.

Denmark – France 3-0: With a network in time, the Scandinavians rule France. The score came 1-0 after 16:43 minutes with Regen’s help on a storm pass. The double arrives at 25:28 with Bleichfeld assisted by Laurisen, while 3-0 arrives at the third time with Jacobsen who scored in the 58:24 minute with a French goal now unguarded.

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Canada – Switzerland 3-6: In the first group game, the Canadians took the lead with Johnson after 11:52. The net opened the match and the Swiss equalized the score instantly at 12:51 minutes. Emotions and goals come in bursts. Canada leads again with Lowry 2-1 after 14:11, but the Swiss 2-2 arrives on time at 15:33 with Kokan. The first period ends at 3-3, given that the North Americans hit 3-2 with Paterson at 19:03, but the Red Crusaders only raised 9 seconds of siren with Siegenthaler. From now on only Switzerland. First with Hisscher 4-3 in the 26th minute:! 3, then with Sutter 5-3 in 43:41, before the final 6-3 by Meyer with an empty net in 58:01.

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USA-Sweden 3-2 after extra time: She is the Scandinavian to break the deadlock thanks to Dahlin 1-0 in 2:28 minutes. The United States immediately responds with Godett’s signature 1-1 at 7:50. After a goal disallowed by the Scandinavians’ VAR, the second half saw the Americans take advantage with Schmidt in the 38:58 minute. Sweden tied the score at 46:56 with Grundstrom and the challenge moved into overtime, decided 12 seconds from the end by the usual Gaudette for the 3-2 final.

Finland – Austria 3-0: With a timely goal, the owners of the land closed the Austrian exercises without concern. He arrives 1-0 after just 105 seconds of play thanks to Filppula, then the double hits in the 24:10 minute with Granlund’s goal, before Rajala finishes the debate 3-0 at 47:39.

1-4 Norway and the Czech Republic: The first period saw the Czechs dominate, Norway were given only 3 conclusions, but the score speaks of “only” 1-0 thanks to Pasternak’s goal in the 6:26 minute. The doubling came at 22:21 thanks to Frana, before Pasternak scored 3-0 at 40:48 from a penalty kick. Norway shook and scored 1-3 in the 44:27 minute with Hof in the power of play, but the Czech Republic closed the accounts with a 4-1 score to an empty net at 58:34 scored by Cervenka.

group rating

1 Switzerland 15 points
2 Canada 12
3 Germany 12
4 Denmark 9
5 Slovakia 9
6 France 5
7 Italy 1
8 Kazakhstan 0

Group B rating

1 Finland 16 points
2 Sweden 12
3 Czech Republic 10
4 USA 10
5 Latvia 5
6 Norway 5
7 Austria 4
8 Great Britain 1

Photo: Carola Cimino