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Swirls seen in the sea What happens without our knowledge?

Swirls seen in the sea What happens without our knowledge?

The swirls of sea water that were spotted by satellites form strange shapes, undulating patterns and unusual colors.

Marine Vortex (Pinterest)

Information Important in natural processes, etc. the changes In the oceans from which they came Pictures Stunning satellite shots we can admire huge swirls In the middle of the sea.

It is located around natural phenomenon Which we can admire in all their glory thanks to satellite images. The power of nature is manifested in every situation but when it can be seen phenomena So strong from above, one can’t help but stay Impressed And be surprised.

What is happening that we do not know?

NASA Naval Space Swirls
Sea vortices seen by the satellite (web source)

The picture that was recently recovered from NASA A few years ago, it was captured by Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+), a sensor With a satellite camera Landsat 7.

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Landsat 7 was launched in the year 1999 so is scientific mission Primary finished this year. specially , click It dates back to the version 2001 And huge colorful swirls appear in the middle of the sea, so beautiful and subtle that it looks like a work of art.

The waters They are near Bahamas. It is formed by the interaction of sand, algae and ocean sedimentswhich thanks Tides And to the currents, they turned into these multicolored decorations.

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Also, they have to do with different temperatures from the sea, which act by eroding or crystallizing certain substances. But what is it exactly? to do light The question is exactly The National Center for Aeronautics and Space Administrationthrough your account Instagram.

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that it’a job To model the sea floor, which, according to the researchers, is constantly happening, just as it happens with the wind in The Sahara Desert. Scientists used this click As a comparison of the study I the changes In progress, because of pollution and because of Global Warming.

It has returned the satellites to Earth, as well as other footage that shows us Very special vortexes In other regions of the planet. Like that observed in Mexico It shows me Von Kerman swirls Another scene of nature whose origins are unknown.