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Swimming, the only Italian men’s victories in the world championships? European problem… – OA Sport

Numbers have meaning. The 2022 It was A very special year for swimming Where the athletes had to participate in it Three events of a certain weight: World and European Championships in long track in Budapest (Hungary) and Rome; World Short Course Championships in Melbourne (Australia).

in these competitions Italy asserted itself as an absolute powercoming Third place in the medal table at both the World Championships and supremacy at the continental level in the Foro Italico event. However, when analyzing the data, it can be seen that women’s contribution to Bill Paisi, especially around the world, is not at the same level as men’s.

with departure Federica PellegriniThis aspect has been highlighted. Sure, there are very good tips like Simona Quadarella and Benedetta Pellato And a good depth of stroke, too, consider Ariana Castiglione, Martina Carraro, Lisa Angiolini, and Francesca FangioBut the comparison with men is clearly unforgiving in terms of medals.

problem? One could argue the selection criteria with very demanding ones such as layoffs, as in the case of the World Championships in shorts, some interesting young athletes, but at the same time Cesar Botini During an absolute winter, he explained how the battalion would be fewer in Australia than usual also for “logistical” reasons.

At the end of the fair, individually, at the 2022 World Championships in Long Track Quadarella (bronze in the 800m freestyle) and Pellato (gold and silver in the 50m and 100m breaststroke) to reach the podiumWhile In Melbourne there was only Sarah Franceschi silver in the 400 medley.

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However, the “pink color” issue remains only in Italybut it Unique European forest. If it is true that in these reviews the absence of Russians and Belarusians (due to well-known events related to the conflict in Ukraine) is felt, as well as the percentages of medals won by athletes from the Old Continent between men and women, very unbalanced in favor of the male world.

Here are the numbers:

World medals for Budapest 2022

European women: about 25%.

European men: about 42%.

Singles Melbourne World Medals 2022

European women: about 24%.

European men: about 44%.

From these data it can be concluded that there is a letter Training/preparing to be evaluated in a field of women where one might be lagging behind the rest of the worldEspecially United States, Australia and Canada that prevail among women. We’ll see if this trend continues in 2023 as well Paris 2024 can weigh.

Photo: La Presse