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"Sweet, but a warrior. I'll tell you what's behind Meloni's words"

“Sweet, but a warrior. I’ll tell you what’s behind Meloni’s words”

the first Speech As the “approved” leader of the centre-right, but above all first as Prime Minister in Biktor. Georgia Meloni Possibly the first tenant of Palazzo Chigi in the history of the Italian Republic. His speech last night was the center of emotions and suggestions, but it was also the center of the first indications of the immediate future. “The Fdi leader showed her sweet side, but it’s the warrior who’s gathering strength because she knows the real battle is coming now.”explain Guerino Nuccio Bovalinosociologist and researcher Center d’Études sur l’Actuel et le Quotidien Paris, with whom we read between the lines of a letter that will go down in history.

Which “Georgia” presented itself to the audience: the woman, the mother, the militant, the prime minister?

“She managed to embody all the roles: we saw the woman who turns to her family, enthusiastically thanking her daughter and partner for their love and understanding, but also the archetype of the person who, guided by her female instinct, wants to take care of society, which is the symbolic family. As she could To play the role of a future Prime Minister: Her tone changed when she took on the responsibility of mending the tears of a nation accustomed to a cultural culture A struggle for many years and a politician who kills siblings Italy has referred to you as a leader and you are already clear that there is no time to lose You know that you have to rebuild On the “ruins”, already today.”

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What are the essential elements of your speech?

Pride. That was the key ingredient. The pride of his community, but also the will to give back to all Italians their pride in their belonging. It is also interesting that the decision to speak up as a winner. To the arenas rather than trying to counter the firepower of the mainstream media: the connection with the people is what It allowed her to deny press accounts and really tell Italy what she had in mind.”

What state of mind did his words betray?

“It was passionate but clear speech, characterized by less persistent gestures and more spontaneous movements. Only when he called his opponents to responsibility in the name of Italy did Giorgia return more stern and focused: the usual ‘nerd’, as she knows herself.”

Is there anything that surprised you?

“Calm. In the face of the anger and aggression shown by the left during the election campaign, I imagine the difficulty of maintaining the tone, especially in the moment of victory. He did not succumb to the temptation to speak in praise of revenge or absurdity.” Revenge. Another sign of political maturity.”

And his bright eyes will remember this speech as well, on a few occasions the commander lowered the “shield”.

She has shown her sweet side, but is a warrior who gathers her strength for the real battle: the one she must face for the ‘Revival of Italy.’ It made me think of the moment when, in the great novels of fiction and cinematic literature, the hero lowers his guard and seeks peace in the warmth of his passions. His bright eyes betray her the moment he talks about his daughter, his partner, his crew, and the community he belongs to: It’s the moment. I post and private mingle shows themselves as one big family.”

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“Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible. Suddenly you’ll find yourself doing the impossible.” In the Meloni pantheon there are many references, but for the seal of victory he chose San Francesco.

“The reference to St. Francis is closely linked to the existential vision of society that Meloni guides.” People “who have never given in to the idea that their ideas should not have a right to citizenship just because they are unpopular with on the left. Progressives have always been accustomed to weakening, distorting, and distorting the idealist references of the right, a process made possible by that powerful candidate who often It is called under the name of cultural hegemony but in reality it is a lubricating and unifying process of the system of power.”