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Sweden elected Magdalena Andersson its first female prime minister: she resigned after a few hours

Sweden elected Magdalena Andersson its first female prime minister: she resigned after a few hours

A few hours after he was elected to parliament to lead the new Swedish government, Magdalena Anderson She resigned as Prime Minister after losing support gave. It was not clear if Anderson – who was due to take over the cabinet on Friday after meeting him – was… Bring back Carlo XVI Gustavo – Now you must encounter a new one vote for confidence. The Green Party withdrew its support for the Social Democrat-led coalition, e The first woman to become prime minister Sweden, after Parliament approved, also today, the budget proposal alternative.

With a statement issued after Andersen’s resignation, the Swedish Parliament Presidency announced that it would “now contact party leader to discuss the situation.” Election of Anderson – who was supposed to take office Stefan Lovin, the party mate who decided Withdraws For hard defuse political tension He prevented his party from splitting before the elections September 2022 – Happened with 174 votes From the Social Democrats and the Greens (117 yes and 57 abstentions) and equivalent No of conservatives.

But the Swedish parliamentary system requires confirmation if you don’t have one The majority of of votes against. However, the weak majority held out for a few hours, when it failed to get its own budget law, with conservatives opposing who were instead able to move forward with its proposal. At this point, the greens have cancel – rescind their support for the prime minister.
“It’s a moment very DifficultWe are surprised and angry at the behavior of the Center Party for us politics It’s not a gameThe Green Party leader and deputy prime minister said, for every poland, acknowledging the difficulty of understanding how it was possible to provide support to the government in the morning e then drag it.

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