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Surprising temperatures exploit more than half of Italy’s heat.  Situation and outlook »

Surprising temperatures exploit more than half of Italy’s heat. Situation and outlook »

Weather: temperatures, sudden thermal exploitation of more than half of Italy. Attitude and viewpoints

Temperatures are expected in the next few daysThey do not give themselves peace Temperatures In this period, it has been forced to undergo constant ups and downs especially upwards and because of a continent A year away from winter. In fact, the Outlook – Perspectives They are oriented towards the other thermal exploitation Which in the next few days is due to envelop practically half of Italy.

On a general scale we findstubborn high pressure which to tell the truth has been ruling the Mediterranean region for several weeks now, while in the heart of the old continent we find extreme cold, rain, snow and Storm winds.
Italy therefore remains under the protective wing of the anticyclone which will continue to play a key role in the heat trend in the coming days. about now weekendfor example , Temperatures It will remain well above the seasonal average, particularly in the south and in Sardinia where plumes of mercury will reach peaks even close to 20°C.
But the climate will also be very mild in the center, while in the north you will find thermometers more difficult to rise because, in addition to having the usual fogthe beginning of the weekend It will be threatened by the arrival of several clouds associated with the North Atlantic turbulence and associated storms running over northern Europe.

Then we turn our attention to the beginning next weekhere is that Temperatures They will not be exposed to certain shocks in the center and south, while In the north we expect a general increasebut especially in the West where the arrival of countless Fohn winds It will cause a significant rise in temperature. Wind Fohn, also called Favonio, is a hot, dry wind that occurs when a stream of air, passing over a mountain range, loses part of its moisture in precipitation. When the stream rises upward, the air expands, and it cools: if the moisture in it is lost (in the form of a cloud and / or precipitation), the air itself, falling on the other side, reaches downstream at a much higher temperature than from the beginning. Hence a strong thermal increase in the affected areas.

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In short, let’s prepare for the climatic weather phase that is still a far cry from winter, with really unusual temperatures for the calendar.