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Super League, UEFA cancels proceedings against Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Real

Super League, UEFA cancels proceedings against Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Real

According to Neon, this is a due but temporary work following the Madrid court order. He plans to reopen procedures

Disciplinary actions against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus (for the time being) have been canceled by UEFA. It’s the new chapter in the dramatic battle that divides football, and since April, it has pitted Neon against the three rebellious clubs that founded the Superlega.

Madrid law

Reason for the decision? The latest order was issued by the Madrid Commercial Court judge, Manuel Ruiz de Lara, who ordered the action to be overturned. And he threatened, in case of non-compliance, to charge President Schwerin with insubordination. Months earlier, following Ruiz de Lara’s order, UEFA had already suspended the measures against the rebels. Now cancel. The judge also ordered the cancellation of the penalties for the other nine rebels (including Milan and Inter) who repented and accepted the penalty in exchange for reintegration into the system: UEFA therefore suspended the economic sanctions (15 million plus 5% premiums). In the European system, the judge’s decisions are valid throughout the territory, and thus UEFA had no choice but to obey. The investigation into Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona was officially closed today.

Cut Ue

Resolution lends itself to multiple readings. For the Premier League, this is a victory, and for UEFA, it is just an official and mandatory procedure, waiting for developments and above all for the European Court of Justice to rule on the case. Neon plans to reopen disciplinary action, while repeating his rejection of the Superlega project. EU judges in Luxembourg are awaiting the opinions of all parties involved by October 15, around the same day that Judge Ruiz de Lara leaves his post in the Madrid court. The court’s decision will be binding on everyone.

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