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Super Green Pass, Home Ministry's plan for checks: This is how checks work.  Bus and Metro Node: "Companies Are Decisive"

Super Green Pass, Home Ministry’s plan for checks: This is how checks work. Bus and Metro Node: “Companies Are Decisive”

Metropolitan Police Integrated by Financial Police For controls within Restaurants Ed General exercises. Checking in with passengers Bus And meters Trust Preferably a Police e Carabinieri, Traffic police support. But the Local public transport There is a hard knot to untie விமினாலே States that the “contribution of administrative bodies” will be “decisive”, especially by their employees assigned to checks “in the possession of the competence of the public service officer”. With one Round Sent to editors Ministry of the Interior He explained the new control strategy Green bass, Including that ‘Strengthened’, Designed from the “super” green certification intro view December 6.

The framework outlined by Rome will be the basis of the various projects I have proposed Provincial Committees, Who meet during these hours, should submit to the weekly review of the Ministry, where a new meeting may be held again before Monday. From that date, the ‘basic’ pass (can be obtained by: Wipe) Will be required Hotels, Public transport e Locker rooms. Enhanced version certification (with Vaccine Oh Healing In Kovit) Local people, The bar And restaurants. Mandatory masks Inside and, in many cities, outside where needed Local commands. The same regions now in the approved guidelines point out, “The vaccine campaign is ongoing at the current stage and international scientific indications do not rule out the possibility of infection with the vaccinated substance, even without developing the disease. Preventive measures And in contrast to the spread of infection, especially like the use of a mask at home “. And” it is understood in terms of evolution Epidemiological view There may be indicated activities Redesigned, Even in the most restrained sense “.

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The focus is mainly on i Tricky Try to board trains, subways and buses without a pass. The input is clear, but there is also a strong recommendation: it should be implemented to ensure restrictions on public transport. Fluidity of service And possible “avoid meetings and anything” Rebirths Public order, ”the head of the cabinet wrote in the document Bruno Frattasi, Reiterates that pass restrictions will be strengthened in the areas of Move. In this sense the task of the police should be made easier Ministry of Transport, With the introduction of Electronic tickets (Still under study), which should contain information related to the green passport: In this way, those who are not certified will already be detected at the time of ticket purchase. In Rome, brigade tests begin Terminal, Blitz on vehicles in parking lots and vehicles, using the appropriate application Skills Provided.

Tests will also be conducted by groups of two “In travel form”: These are used by agents and additional staff, available to each group Extraordinary. In the capital, the strategy for all police will be finalized with a technical schedule scheduled for the next few hours in the province. TO Milano I Sample checks They will also be carried out with the support of companies. “There will be mixed business of employees ATM, The military and the police, ”the mayor explained Giuseppe Salah. Support may come in some used cities Military For other activities. But the military will not be involved in the test. “If so, those already in the field with the ‘Safe Roads’ program will take care of those services that ‘mobilize’ the police force in order to recover more agents and carabiners who have to be devoted to checks,” some chiefs explained. Normally, Green Pass will be monitored by updating the application ‘Check C19’, Which will verify the donation of the certificate. Worse Regions Some report Important issues. “Many students who do not have a green certificate face difficulties in achieving it Companies. If DPL companies are involved, it is important to clarify who are the figures with the definitive authority to raise sanctions, ”he said.

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