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Super Green Pass from December 6: New rules for transportation, restaurants and bars and increased obligation

Super Green Pass from December 6: New rules for transportation, restaurants and bars and increased obligation

The Government Approved the new order on Super Green bass. Green Certificate Govit-19 The update will take effect on December 6 and will be available as “old” Green Pass. The Text The order shows a higher level of pressure than the improvements of the last few days. This is because, in the end, the exclusion of those who have not been vaccinated from community life is also valid in the White Zone, due to the obligation in effect from December 15 on law enforcement staff, health administration staff and school teachers and non-teaching staff. Universities. And local public transportation. Certification is also mandatory for boarding buses and subways.

How to get it

Two types of Green Pass will come into effect from December 6th. Reinforced only for those who have been rescued from Kovit-19 and vaccinated. One more “basic” one that can be used to get to work and to go to the shops for essential services. Enhanced Green Pass is obtained by vaccination or with a certificate of successful recovery. Validity period is reduced from 12 to 9 months. The bill will be restarted when the citizen is given a third dose or booster. Finally, it is important to underline that the order was removed from the pressure of the tampons. So the basic Green Pass is obtained with molecular swabs and its validity is 72 hours and for antigens it is 48 hours.

The main novelty is the barriers to it No Vox They also stimulate the white zone. Those who are not vaccinated cannot go to bars, indoor restaurants, gyms, cinemas, theaters, discos, concerts and festivals. It is not mandatory to wear a mask outside, however: the standard will only shoot on the yellow area. Only those who have not been vaccinated in this area, the orange color, will be banned. So Green Permit will also save the potential of the programs. Half the reduction in abilities is actually induced in the colored areas. But now it only applies to those who have not been vaccinated. You will also need an upgraded certificate to enter ballrooms and nightclubs.

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Local public transport

The main novelty of the order is about transportation. From December 6, a basic certificate (not a reinforced one, so it is still valid to receive the swap test) is required to use regional and regional transportation and local public transportation. To board an urban bus or subway, it is necessary to report a negative result of the swap test. Tests are performed on a random basis. Also students who have not been vaccinated over the age of 12 must show it to use public transportation.

The controversy over this has started in the last few days. The transport unions had pointed out Inability to carry out checks. Filed today CGIL says that verification should be done when purchasing a travel ticket. So it depends on the station operators and the tobacco vendors as far as buses, trams and subways are concerned. But that is only a proposal. On regional trains, the green pass will be verified by regulators who already check the validity of the tickets. But here the filter points out that it is not possible to check both the Green Pass and the ticket because of the large crowd. Restrictions, according to the union, should be the responsibility of the police.

Vaccine duty for law enforcement, military and school

The vaccine duty extension from December 15 will be available to administrative health workers, all level schools, police, carabiners, financial police, firefighters and military, naval and military personnel. Those who are not up to date on vaccinations continue their work, but remain unpaid after the unreasonable fifth day. The controls of the school are the responsibility of the head teacher. Incentives for staff of assisted health apartments have been confirmed and extended.

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Restaurants and Bars: Verification Application C19

Republic Explains what changes are in restaurants and bars today. Application from Monday, December 6th Check C19 This will differentiate between those who have a basic green pass and those who have an improved one. And it will only give the latter the upper hand. Without a certificate, you can regularly go to open spaces or have breakfast at the counter or buy groceries or drinks. The same rules apply to the yellow and orange areas. In the red zone, on the other hand, everything is closed and there is only to take out.

Hotels, Campgrounds and Gym

In hotels, all guests will need a green pass. However, a base one will suffice, so it is valid even if obtained with antigenic or molecular buffer for 48 hours or 72. If the client’s stay is extended, he must repeat the test. The main feature of restaurants within hotels is: Second Republic Those who have not been vaccinated will still be allowed access to internal services. Reinforced Green Pass will also be required to get to the stadium. A basic one will suffice for gyms, indoor swimming pools and indoor sports. But certification will be mandatory for access to showers and changing rooms. Outdoor play is “free”.

Text of the order in pdf

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