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Super Green Pass After two doses or booster, what can be done and when the buffer will be needed

Super Green Pass After two doses or booster, what can be done and when the buffer will be needed

The Super Green Boss It is valid for 6 months from February 1st. The government’s decision was born after 180 days of new scientific evidence showing that the effectiveness of vaccines for the disease is declining. Therefore, all those who do not start taking action within 40 days will be given time off. Third dose. The order of the Ministry of Health also established the possibility of making a booster 4 months after the second dose. But what changes now between those who have two doses of the vaccine and those who have already completed the cycle with the third booster. At the conference at the end of the year, the Chief Mario Tracy He was looking forward to the possibility of introducing a control card, as he has not yet received a booster in view of specific events such as discos or private parties in clubs. However, the action in the first draft of the new order was not taken forward. Strict austerity was decided during the CDM by closing discos until January 31 and banning parties on campus, which effectively eliminated the need for negative buffer.

Super Green Boss and Buffer, RSA Case

However, there will be a negative buffer for having a super green pass, but only two doses. It’s about access to RSAs. Only subjects with a reinforced Green Pass and Negative Swap or Third Dose Vaccine can enter the Residence, Community Welfare, Community Health and Wellness Facilities. For RSAs, access is allowed through the Super Green Pass (full cycle and booster) or two doses (or a single dose for single-dose vaccines) and a dumbbell, “representing the greatest suffering and the highest cost”. . Thus, at a press conference at the end of the CDM, Health Minister Roberto Speranza explained the new rule with anti-Govt measures. With the aim of avoiding meetings, it has confirmed the suspension of outdoor parties and events until January 31, 2022.

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Border controls, sample swaps

Finally, the government has decided to tighten border controls: random antigen or molecular tests will be carried out on airports, ports, stations and those entering Italy. If positive, you should be isolated for 10 days, and if necessary to “guarantee health monitoring throughout the required period” at Kovit hotels as well.

Super green bass for coffee at the bar

Another very difficult step is to extend the reinforced pass to sectors that have so far been excluded from it. Until the end of the state of emergency, currently scheduled for March 31, only those who have been vaccinated and cured will be able to have or drink coffee over the counter: in fact this order provides for Super Green Pass’ duty to “counter catering.” Services. », So far the basic pass was adequate. But the upgraded bass will, from December 30, extend to museums and cultural venues, swimming pools, gyms and group games, health centers and spas, cultural, social and entertainment centers, gymnasiums, bingo halls and casinos. You can no longer just enter with the tambourine. However, to access RSA and Hospice, you must have a booster or if you have two doses, you must do the tampon as well. The Vatican is trying to arm itself with a duty of reinforced passports for those working in the state of Papal, accessing services and visitors. Only believers who go to the masses are excluded.

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