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Sunny Easter Monday, but with a risk of rain in some areas. Next hour »

Direct weather: Sunny Easter Monday, but with a chance of rain in some areas. The next hour

Expected time for the next few hoursAlthough the sun had returned to most of Italy, it was early Monday morning Easter Monday The weather continues to blow a little angry in some areas.
All wrong Cold air The start of the long Easter weekend covers practically the entire country, but this time they are concentrating their influence on the extreme southern regions above all else. Here is also the impact of an area to worsen the already unstable weather environment Hurricane vortex Gradually moving from Greece to Turkey.

In The next hour This poses a risk to some parts of the south, especially in the southern part of Puglia, Basilicotta, Calabria and the northern and eastern part of Sicily, where the weather is very unstable. Rain In the background Thunderstorms.

On the other hand, in other parts of the country, although the effects of cold winds are still evident on the heat front, the weather conditions are already managed by good weather. These early morning hours are actually categorized Temperature Again in winter, there will be weak frosts, especially in many parts of the Po Valley and the Alpine Valley.

But what will be the trend of the weather The next hour? The rest of the morning will pass still under the banner of strong instability in the same parts of the south.Here the weather picture here, however, will already give clear signs of improvement in the afternoon, and then show us a view. Clear atmospheric calm will return by evening.
On the other hand, the rest of the country is constantly kissed by the generous sunshine, where despite the brighter weather than in recent days you can still enjoy a pleasant spring at midday and most of the afternoon. Atmosphere.

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Italy is scheduled for Tuesday 19th in the name of peaceful time for all and with Temperature Threatening clouds from the west are gradually advancing towards the northwest but may generally recover, which is a preview of a new and more severe bad situation expected in the coming days.
Stay with us for more details.