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Sundial 2022 will it be the last change to save energy? Italy decision, exact date »

Weather: Solar timing 2022, will it be the last change to save energy? Italy decision, exact date

Soon we will change and go to solar timeWe are about to enter autumn, the days are gradually shrinking and soon there will be too time changeAnd the Which will convert from legal to solar energy: In short, in a few weeks we will return the hands Back 1 hour.
but beware, This might be the last time!
But can the time change really cancel out? What is Italy’s position in this regard?
Let’s take a step back and try to understand the current situation.

A little over 4 years agoAnd the Between July and August 2018The Suggestion to cancel the time change: Almost 5 million citizens of the European Union It responded to the consultation, promoted for this purpose by the Nordic countries, headed by Poland And the Finland: The 76% of voters. In the ensuing discussion at the European Commission No decision has been reached Unique That would satisfy all member states.
But what will happen next? It’s very likely that you’re heading towards that block decision: Southern Union countries can keepthe summer timing Throughout the year, while the northern regions will maintain for 12 months the extensionwinter time.
Italy has not taken a position yetunlike FranceWhich decided, after a popular consultation called by the National Assembly, to prevent the change of time forever.

In the meantime, we must prepare ourselves to see the days relentlessly shorten.
solar time It will come into effect At night between Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 October 2022when we have to turn back the clock by an hour, 3 to 2. We will gain an hour of sleep, and lose an hour of light in the afternoon, we will gain in the morning.
Daylight saving time will remain active Until the end of the last week of March 2023 (between Saturday 25 Sunday 26 March 2023) When we go back to move the hands forward.
But how long will it be like this?

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in the last days, Thanks dear energyIn fact, the idea of ​​keeping summer time in perpetuity in order to save a little has come back to the fore, and in this regard, there is also Official request refer to Draghi government; We’ll see if there are any concrete steps in this direction or if things stay as they are now.