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Summer time all year round versus expensive energy: this is how much we save

Summer time all year round versus expensive energy: this is how much we save

On October 30th we will return towinter timeMove the hands back one hour. This is a practice that has been going on for years in our country but is no longer mandatory at the European level. In fact, with 84% of the support vote in 2018, the European Parliament He abolished the mandatory change of time twice a year, leaving each state free to decide.

Until this time in Italia You do not change: in October, as usual, you will switch to solar time, turning the hands back an hour. Choose not to share Italian Society of Environmental Medicine (Sima) who asked the government Confirmation of daylight saving time all year round, abandoning the classical system which is now defined as obsolete for a whole series of aspects. Let’s see which ones.

Daylight saving time all year round: Reasons why it is convenient

Proposal from Yes but It is based on some obvious considerations. By confirming DST all year round, we will earn An extra hour of sunlight per day Even in the winter with significant benefits on energy costs, especially in this particular historical period is strongly conditioned by higher bills.

According to Sima رئيس Alessandro Miani The Permanent transition to summer will be determined in our country a Save electricity It is estimated at around 1 billion euros in the first two years. A really big number if you look at the proposals that have been made to try and reduce consumption.

ternaone of the Italian companies operating in the electricity distribution sector, estimated the number of Save electricity About 420 million kilowatt-hours. An extra hour of light will already have significant impacts on electricity consumption and its benefits to human health and the environment.

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Carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 200,000 tons per year with important health benefits. However, the transition from daylight saving time to solar time and vice versa leads to disturbances in the circadian rhythm of our body.

Effects on human health

Determines the time change a stressful situation In many people, especially in the youngest, it can be avoided by canceling it. Moreover, an extra hour of light will allow you to increase the hours of physical activity performed in the fresh air, and will also help in the fight against a sedentary lifestyle.

In short, according to Italian Society of Environmental Medicine There are all the prerequisites to be able to consider forgoing the legal solar time cycle to switch to a year-round legal time cycle.

We ask the Draghi government to immediately take this decision delegated to the nation-states by the European Parliament, and to invite other EU countries to do the same.“, He said Alessandro MianiSima head.

In the meantime, it was decided to emphasize heating in light of October. Minister of Environmental Transformation Roberto Cingolani, working on a plan to save energy for the winter. It is believed that it reduces the temperature inside buildings by one degree and the radiators are turned on for an hour less.