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Summer Live, Capua in tears for Semprini backstage

Summer Live, Capua in tears for Semprini backstage

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Summer afternoon talk on the main network of state television closed its doors: emotions and passion behind the scenes

Summer Live Received his fans: On Friday, September 2, the last episode of Summer Talk was broadcast in the afternoon Ray Onoled Roberta Capua and Gianluca Cemberini. From next week, Alberto Matano is back on the scene with La Vita in Derita. On TV you are sowing toxins, unhealthy ambitions, personal envy, and so on and so forth, tears Pushed by Capua at the end of the episode Balm Humanity and Kindness. The introduction showed, through a photo she posted on Instagram Stories, that she is tenderly embracing her colleague Semprini, her eyes wide open. crying. A cry of appreciation and affection. “Adventure Friend and Companion”the former Miss Italy commented, emphasizing that with the journalist, in addition to his participation in the L’Estate study at Derita, he also shares a strong and friendly bond when he is not in the spotlight.

Capua crying with Semprini at Summer Live

Summer Live, that sweet heart touch of Roberta Capua…

On the other hand, already during the live broadcast, Roberta He wanted to honor Semberini with an eloquent gesture. After broadcasting a thank you clip dedicated to all those who worked on the show and after the audience who faithfully followed the speech was thanked), Capua wanted to take a moment to express her gratitude to her colleague.

Wait a minute, thank you word for you, Gianluca…”, pointed out. In fact, the bell host did not add any words. She preferred a gesture stronger than anything said: obviously excited, she imitated a heart in her hands and sent a kiss to Cemberini, who returned with a responsive kiss and a broad smile.

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The friendship of broadcasters is rarely seen on television. There are countless examples of pairs of presenters who in front of the cameras memorize what can be saved, with smiles of circumstance and ritual words, while behind the scenes they “poison themselves” and do not look each other in the eyes. So Semprini and Capua are welcome: where there is friendship there can also be healthy ambition and healthy success!