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Tra Giovedì e Venerdì nuovi violenti temporali su quasi tutta l

Summer break! Other violent storms across Italy between Thursday and Friday, updates »

Weather: Summer break! Other violent storms across Italy between Thursday and Friday, updates

New violent storms over almost all of Italy between Thursday and FridaySummer break! The first real seasonal crisis is imminent: The first deterioration of the weather since Tuesday evening is already underway, but others Violent thunderstorms It will hit almost all of Italy in the next few days, especially on that day Thursday 1 September This, coincidentally, marks the beginning of meteorological autumn, a date determined by international agreements that set the beginning and end of seasons with respect to the classic astronomical calendar (astronomical autumn, this year, begins on September 23. , with the equinox).

Thursday 1 – month September So it will open under the banner Strong instability For most of the country. One of these Thursday 1 It will be strong one day trouble, Initially in the northeast; Later, in the afternoon, if the weather improves with bright characters in most of the Po Valley, instability will gradually increase in the center, events will become increasingly widespread and intense, especially along the Apennine ridge and in the Adriatic regions, with strong winds and local hail.
From this worst, this time, even the south will not be spared: already in the morning the first rain may fall, especially in northern Calabria and Campania, then the rain will continue towards Sicily and on the one hand towards Basilicata. and Puglia, on the other. Hail episodes are also possible in these sectors.

Friday 2 – Temporary remnants may still occur in the morning in the southern Adriatic sectors, but the weather will improve very quickly. Even in the rest of the country there will be progressively more bright characters, despite the completely stable and unsettled environment, with disturbances above all in the mountainous regions of the north and in the interior and the Apennines.
Then, by evening, the ceasefire will already be over and a new storm front will be preparing to enter the northwest.

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Bad news at first glance Weekend Is it September? That’s what it looks like!
But for updates on the expected weather over the weekend, we recommend our apt deepens.