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Subtropical hot breath in Great Britain shortly before arriving in Italy

Subtropical hot breath in Great Britain shortly before arriving in Italy

The temperatures are increasing more and more as the hours go by not only in Italy but also in the rest of Central Western Europe. We remember, in fact, that the heart of the African anticyclone has been in the Iberian Peninsula for several days, bringing exceptional temperatures, and dare we say record-breaking.

Mercury has passed 40 degrees Celsius even in Madridwhich we remember existed approx 700 meters above sea level. The intense heat is also prevalent in France and will soon cover almost all of Great Britain.

It will invade subtropical boiling breath England As if he had no hindrances: being very hot and therefore very light air, he would easily be able to overcome the Pyrenees, easily conquer Central Europe and the British Isles, creating a rapid but extraordinary heat wave.

On Tuesday, temperatures will rise in the nineteenth London and the surrounding areas so much that it reaches 40 degrees Celsius. If these temperatures really happened, we would be able to talk about an absolute record for the English capital.
It should be noted that in Great Britain close to isotherms +25°C at 850hpaor about 1550 meters of height!

Some of this warm air will move smoothly upward Norway, Sweden and Finland in favor of a net increase in temperature. We are talking about the sub-polar sectors, where on Earth temperatures above 30 ° C are really rare!

After the visit to Central and Northern Europe, the African cyclone will focus strongly on the central Mediterranean, that is, on Italy, between Wednesday 20 and Saturday 23. Temperatures, very high now, will rise further across the peninsula until it reaches or even exceeds 40°C On Val Padana and the inner sectors of the Central and South.

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