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Study reveals the key factor for victory.  How many millions are needed to climb even one center

Study reveals the key factor for victory. How many millions are needed to climb even one center

Vehicle performance, driver skills and team skills are very important factors in determining a team’s chances of winning a race. big victoryBut what is the most influential condition? To try to answer this question, scientistsUniversity of Lethbridge (Canada) study, described in the journal applied economyfrom which it came out The interaction between the team and the driver affects the final position to a greater extent than other variables. Led search group Duane Rockerby, they analyzed the competitions of the Formula 1 seasons in Great Britain from 2012 to 2019, and evaluated the characteristics of the winning teams. Then the scientists identified the factors most influencing the team’s victory.

He explains, “Currently, estimates are made according to the 80-20 rule— Duane Rockerbyfrom the University of Lethbridge – the first number is the factor associated with Sentences Oral TeamWhile the second mirrors Pilot skill. This well-established belief is in fact very lopsided and we found that it does not take into account all the variables.” According to the survey, in fact, the interaction between the driver and the team will primarily determine the chances of the team winning. This factor was not taken into account in previous algorithms, It will affect the final result by 30-40 percent. On the other hand, the characteristics of the car account for 20 percent of the number, while the skill of the driver is about 15 percent. The scientists explained that the rest depends on unexpected or random variables. “The 80-20 rule greatly underestimates the role of the driver – as Rukby comments – the integration between the driver and the team is key and should not be neglected.” Then the experts took into account the variance in the capabilities of the pilot and the annual expenses incurred by each of them. Models show that 2012 was the most skill-dependent year in the experiment, affecting the bottom line by about 16.7 percent. The researchers speculate that this finding may depend From a series of changes to the rules made in the year under review, which emphasized leadership skills and strategies to be adopted on the track. The research team also estimated the minimum expenditures that should be made to improve the team’s performance and results. “The team that reaches 10th place in the standings, Rockerby explains, must spend another $164.6 million to move up one place.. This budget also includes an increase for the driver and team members. The amount may vary based on a series of parameters, and the relationship between expenses incurred and position in the ranking is in no way linear.”

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Scientists suggest that this information could be useful for competing teams Formula 1, even if it highlights a series of difficulties related to budget management. “Experimental evidence – the scientists continued – indicates that when drivers join teams that can buy cars that can perform more efficiently or teams that are more prepared, they are associated with higher odds of getting better results.” On the other hand, however – concludes Rockerby – Increasing the budget allocated to driver compensation can reduce team availability and vice versa. For this reason, teams with redundant budgets, which do not need to reallocate funds or cut costs, tend to favor them for the most important wins.”

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