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Ancora forte maltempo tra la sera e la notte

Strong turbulence continues, many areas are at great risk between evening and night »

Meteo Chronicle Direct: persistent strong disturbance, many areas at high risk between evening and night

Bad weather continues between evening and nightSituation: After a day marked by heavy rain and thunderstorms affecting most of the northern and central regions, the bad weather will continue all night and into the night.

Eyes on some extensions from the northeast, but above all on the Tyrrhenian region from the center where rainfall is sometimes heavy and storms mainly on the southern region of TuscanyThe Lazio And the city of Rome and down to the north Campania.

Pay close attention to these areas as the expected abundant accumulation of rain can create some disturbance due to flash floods or even local floods.

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Update at 19:00 – Heavy rains continued in the regions of Lower Lombardy, Eastern Emilia, Romania, Tuscany, Marche, most of Abruzzo, Molise and southern Lazio.

Update 14:00 – The weather has been getting worse in the past few hours. Rain continues, and even heavy rains, especially in the northwestern regions, especially Lombardy and Liguria. Other rains have been reported in Emilia-Romagna, in Tuscany, Umbria and up to the Tyrrhenian sectors of Lazio.

A violent storm hit Genoa late in the morning

Update 11:00 am – In these hours, sporadic rains, even moderate ones, have been reported over many areas of Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria, especially in the central and western sectors. Elsewhere, the weather remains calm even if it slowly worsens even in northern Sardinia and in Tuscany.Even in the gray Milan sky and open umbrellas - SkylineWebcams photoEven in the gray Milan sky and open umbrellas – SkylineWebcams photo

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