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"Striscia la Notizia" hands over the golden tapir to Francesco Totti

“Striscia la Notizia” hands over the golden tapir to Francesco Totti

Don’t tell Ilary or else it makes this go away too


Valerio Staveli

From “

stripping news

” teases

Francesco Totti

and give him

golden tapir

. The satirical news reporter points to the story of the Rolex soccer player who could have been stolen by Hilary Blasey, whom he separated after twenty years of love and three children. “

She is from Magica, but Elari did magic

– Ironically –

who made her watches disappear


The reporter then asks Totti if he is more disturbed by the harassment of the Lazio people or by the social posts of the mother of his children. “

I don’t look at anything, neither this nor that

– Answers the former captain –

I’m above the parts


In the meantime, the former spouses will have to appear before A

civil judge


October 14

On the occasion of the first hearing that will start in

Separation procedures

. In addition to the Rolexes Tutti watches, which Ilary allegedly made disappear from their safe deposit box, there would also be the famous luxury shoes and bags that Francesco had in turn “stolen” from the host’s cabin.

luxury items

That they stole each other and now they want to come back.

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