Thursday, July 25, 2024

Streamer kicked out of a Japanese club that doesn’t tolerate foreigners –


no streamer Twitch sushipotato became the protagonist of a Live broadcast IRL (in real life), which instantly went viral, as it can be seen being dragged away by a Japanese local Which foreigners are not allowed. In the video you can access click here, we can see a guard taking her umbrella, then pulling it away pulling it out of the backpack.

Streamer kicked out of a club for taking him for a foreigner

sushipotato She clearly changed because of what’s happening to her. But why did he go so far? Before the events of the video, the operator approached the guard and asked him if the place was available for foreigners. The man said no, prompting the girl who started bombarding him with questions, because she is a Japanese citizen.

suspicious: “Am I a foreigner? ‘I asked in English, before continuing in Japanese ‘I’m not a foreigner!’ But you just said that foreigners are not allowed, which is really racist! You think I was gaijin from my face and how I dress, that’s no good.

Sushipotato then explained to her fans that it is normal in Japan to see this kind of discrimination, before sitting in the club and chasing it as it appears in the opening clip.

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