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Storms and severe damage in Mendriziotto, critical situation in Bregia [VIDEO]


strong wave bad weather who rages in Comasco, damage and inconvenience have also been caused in the Ticino region and throughout Switzerland: Bregia is among the worst affected sites, even if damage, landslides and floods have been reported in various locations, including Morbio Superiore, Caneggio, Sagno, Bruzella and Muggio.
Citizens of the affected areas were asked not to leave their homes and to move only in urgent cases.

The Bregia River swelled with torrential rains in the last few hours: the flow rate in Kiasso during the night was about 10 cubic meters per second, and in a short time it rose to 115 meters and then touched 150 times, about 300 times the monthly average for July.
Fallopia in Chiasso, from less than 2 cubic meters per second, at 10 am exceeded 86 cubic meters per second.

Floods were reported in Morbio Inferiore, Balerna, Coldrerio, Novazzano and Vacallo.
The Chiasso firefighters received at least a hundred requests for help.

In the past two days, Ticino has recorded more rain than all of Switzerland.

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Switzerland: Storm in Mendriziotto, the Bregia River is frightening [VIDEO]

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