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Storm over BBC journalist, Johnson – World rejoices at losing money

One of BBC News’ most famous faces is the break-in: Veteran broadcaster Martin Croxall has been subject to a disciplinary investigation by the BBC for a “possible breach of impartiality” with her suspension from managing programmes. The accusation is that she publicly rejoiced in the course of The Papers, her usual press review, commenting on the news of former Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson who last night abandoned the race to succeed the Conservative Party to the resigned Lees. Truss, won by Rishi Sunak today. Croxal did nothing to hide what appeared to be his political preferences.

In his introduction to the show that started at 10:30 p.m., he said, “Well, it’s all very exciting, isn’t it? Welcome to our look into the future of what the newspapers will bring us tomorrow. Can I be super excited? Well?, I am.” ” Speaking to his press guests from the front pages of the newspapers, he stressed that they certainly did not already have the news of Johnson’s confiscation which had arrived about an hour and a half earlier. Croxall went further, almost accusing himself.

In response to a joke about Johnson made by a guest, he said, “Maybe I shouldn’t laugh. Maybe I’m breaking the rule of justice by laughing.” In fact, there have been protests from viewers on social media and also protests from several Conservative MPs who have re-launched the accusation made in the past against broadcasters journalists of impartiality.

Nadine Doris, the pro-Johnson’s former culture secretary, said on Twitter that this was evidence of widespread bias in the broadcaster. The BBC was forced to step in by taking action on its journalist and reminding that it was “necessary to maintain the highest standards of editing”. Justification was also sought by saying that it was unclear whether Croxall was referring to BoJo’s abdication or the rapidly developing political news in the UK. However, a serious fact remains that it is no coincidence that this leads to a disciplinary investigation and fresh criticism against the BBC.

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