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Storm, fallen trees and around a hundred fire brigade interventions in Milan. Hurricane in Bergamo


A Milano An unleashed Short but violent thunderstorms At 7.30pm today, Friday 21st June, several falls occurred with strong winds trees and brought A hundred interventions By the fire brigade. The storm lasted for about 15 minutes, especially hitting the memorial cemetery area. In the province Bergamo A Air blower The tail caused damage in and around Ceriana.

Heavy storm in Milan

On Friday evening, June 21, a violent incident broke out Storm beat that Milano About a quarter of an hour and caused many inconveniences. No injuries were reported.

The storm, which hit after 7.30pm, particularly affected the area, with trees falling across Belgioso, Monti and Nono. Memorial Cemetery.

Several millimeters of water fell in a few minutes, it was reported MilanotudeThe Deviation Several public transport routes including trams 12, 14,16, 5, 9 and 10.

Some areas, including the northwest part of the interior, reported rather large hail.

About a hundred interventions by the fire brigade

They have come around About a hundred interventions by the fire brigadeOr to protect areas damaged by the storm that hit Milan this evening, with trees falling and roofs and cornices collapsing.

The Unprotected trees Around twenty people, including those who collapsed and were damaged by the strong winds that hit the city, required the intervention of firefighters.

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Already this morning the Milan City Council had issued a civil protection announcement Orange alert Thunderstorms will continue till midnight, yellow alert due to hydrological hazard.

Cyclone in the province of Bergamo

Confusion moved to the provinces shortly after hitting Milan BergamoIt was hit by a small tornado.

As he writes An echo of BergamoThe wind was particularly strong Val SerianaHouses and warehouses were discovered.

Winds of up to 100 kilometers per hour blew away parts of the roofs of buildings Primary schools Ponte Nossa’s ended up on the street.

Photo Credit: Fire Brigade


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