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Storm and snow, where you have to shut up at home on Thursday - Libero Quotidiano

Storm and snow, where you have to shut up at home on Thursday – Libero Quotidiano

Goodbye heat and clear skies: Between Thursday 9 and Friday 10 June, a cold front will descend along the Adriatic Sea, accompanied by showers, thunderstorms and freezing temperatures in most parts of the country. In some cases, the risk of infection is also high Storms and cold. The flow of unstable currents of North Atlantic origin will succeed – Lorenzo Badelino writes 3B Weather – Anti-cyclone African erosion. However, the instability will mainly focus on south-central and north-eastern regions.

On Thursday, rain and thunderstorms will affect in particular the northeast and southeast of Lombardy, but also Veneto. While in the afternoon it will be the turn of Romania, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and the Adriatic coast. Instability will increase from the early hours of the day over the Apennines and Adriatic regions with thunderstorms, even strong in the afternoon, especially Between Abruzzo and Upper PugliaLocally accompanied by hail with possible storms. There will also be some setbacks in the evening Between Lazio and Lower Campania, in Basilicata, Tyrrhenian Calabria and Messina. Brighter and drier on the rest of the main islands.

The weather situation on Friday should change a bit: there will be Big spells in the north, in the Tyrrhenian regions and in Sardinia. While the weather will continue to be unstable in the central and southern Adriatic regions, the southern peninsula and the northeastern Sicily with rain and showers, including thunderstorms. The most severe will occur at night between the average height of Puglia and Basilicata. Finally, while temperatures will rise in the central north, they will continue to fall in the south.

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