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“Stories of 9/11”, eleven protagonists tell the story of America resuming after September 11

A series of testimonies describe how the United States has always returned after the attack on the Twin Towers in New York. Twenty years later, however, there are those who ask: Have we learned anything or have we forgotten those teachings? Every day at 9.00am, from Wednesday 1st September to Saturday 11th September, 11 stories will come with us towards the 20th anniversary of the event that changed the world.

America, so distant and unknown, has always been one of my dreams. But despite his odds, his speed and competition, his (obvious) cynicism and sometimes loneliness he never scared me. I dreamed so much of it, finally, in the summer of 2001, I went now with an American sister Amy and her family. Amy, me and her red beetle started our journey at Cross Point in Michigan. The houses on the lake are cut across the meadows, the American flags are always high and the arcades are in line. That summer, notes of the train “Troops of Jupiter” and the San Francisco band stopped at every mile operated on American highways. From Michigan to Chicago, cross the inevitable roller coasters of Ohio and Cedar Point, then head to Canada to take a closer look at Niagara Falls. However, the emotionally strong day was the day I first came to New York. I have been imagining and dreaming for a long time. But above all, I wanted to see why Broadway and its timeless music are so special in my view. In fact, when I arrived in Manhattan that summer I learned a new adjective that best describes my attitude: Seductive.

Magnet, big, a little annoying, but still “big apple”

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Magnetic, spectacular. But also a little angry. Yes, because I do not even remember how many times I asked, “Look at your step.” Look where you put your feet, Newcomers to the city from New York are not always accustomed to running to please. Apparent irritation, on the surface. Or perhaps the shield, which helps to cover something large, should be used only when needed, without exaggeration. Everything seemed too big and too high for me. Like the Twin Towers, it seemed royal and harsh in my eyes, but at the same time made you feel safe as if to say “we protect the big apple”. Looking at them, from bottom to top, they seemed inaccessible. From a distance, the skyline they created seemed to be a ring of protection and respect for those in the city. In New York, in August 2001, you felt safe and knew that no one could harm you. 9/11 weakened this notion, but the city did not immediately stop restarting.

This scene must have happened, In every sense, but especially on Broadway, the uniqueness of the big apple.

“9/11 Stories”: Stories of 11 Heroes, 11 Stories of the United States begins again after September 11


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This story of mine starts here, and the voices, memories and feelings of 11 Americans are still alive. Of those who reopened those theaters, he said about the resumption, on the other hand, that he put all of the sad feelings aside and went on stage. Among those who returned to the pitch to play a historical game, but also those who started university, suddenly everything changed. Those who decided to help the journalists who were there to tell what was going on, and many years later, they developed diseases caused by suffocation. But there are also those who ask: Do we remember the teachings of 9/11 or have we forgotten everything?

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Every day from September 1st to 11th, at 9.00pm you can find a story on the Sky Digi24 website, Full interview in English and transcript in Italian.

The first protagonist was Andrew Bernstein, one of the most important NBA photographers.