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"Stopping patents is not a magic solution

“Stopping patents is not a magic solution

AGI – The EU is resuming the debate on global unity “Pharmacy of the World” And he is asking the United States, first and foremost, to follow his example Allow sizes to be exported. Inauguration of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, Liberalization of patents for vaccines against Govt-19 to increase world production has taken European leaders by surprise. They first chased the White House. But Informal Porto Summit This is an opportunity to close the teams and accept the common line. Even against Washington’s forward flight, its definitions – at least for Brussels – are not yet clear in the absence of a definitive proposal.

Intellectual property discount is not a magic solution We are ready to discuss it for a short time but when a definite plan is tabled, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. Charles Michael, After a long confrontation at the dinner party last night – he himself admitted – “different levels appeared”. But twenty-seven is unanimous at one point: the ban on exports from producing countries must be lifted. “We are the only democracy that exports large quantities of vaccines; we started and supported a lot Try Kovacs. We encourage all our partners to export as many vaccines as possible to share the world with them, “said the EU President, following his usual diplomatic style.

French President, Emmanuel Macron, On the other hand, was very blunt and pointed the finger at Biden’s native America. “I urge the United States to end not only the vaccine but also the components of these vaccines and the export restrictions that hinder their production,” he said. “The European Union exported 50% of its production, the United States 5%, to Canada and MexicoLiberalization is the fourth priority for the Elysee leader, who believes it is wrong to say that patents hinder production. First, exports, increased production and donations.

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In the same vein, the President of the European Commission, Ursula van der Leyen, Which tops the list with new ones today Pfizer-Bioendech was contracted for $ 1.8 billion over the next two years. “The EU is the world’s pharmacy and open to the world. We have shipped 200 million doses of the vaccine and are asking others to do the same. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general. The EU is already doing something, for example in Senegal.

The position of the German president is not a bar, Angela Merkel, Always kept the bar straight in the debate over the protection of intellectual property. A phone call came with him a few hours after the summit Ukhur Sahin, CEO Bioentech, German jewelry and the pioneer in the global development of vaccines against scabies. “I made it clear again that I do not think patent liberalization is the solution to bringing vaccines to more people, but I believe we need the creativity and innovation power of companies, including patent protection,” he explained. After the summit.