Thursday, July 25, 2024

“Stolen” sensational explosion, all the wrath of the Supreme Pontiff – Libero Quotidiano


There is a lot to talk about Pope Francesco. It couldn’t be otherwise. Yes, because the pontiff is really trying to bring peace to Ukraine. or even just Easter ceasefireHowever, this goal was not achieved.

Hence the story of Via Cruces, in which he presented a Russian woman and a Ukrainian woman side by side. The choice, which Kyiv has strongly criticized, many Do not broadcast the event on TV. But, one wonders, what should the Supreme Pontiff do if he does not grope his way to reconcile peace in every way, even with attempts at formidable symbolic power like that of the Way of the Cross?

And again, Pope Francis is being talked about because for weeks now An attempt was made to organize a trip to Kyiv, even if the logistics seem too complicated. The high spheres of the Vatican confirm that the hypothesis is on the table, but it is difficult to implement.

And here is Pope Francis on Easter Sunday, today Sunday 17 April, is the protagonist cartoon manele On the first page of Happening every day. In style, here is Bergoglio with a sullen face, whispering to himself: “…but you can see everyone bless everyone every year,” an effective synthesis of what Pope Francis should have thought. Below, the cartoon’s bitter title: “Happy Easter.”

Click here to watch the Manele cartoon about Pope Francis


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