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Stefano was overtaken by a young man

Stefano was overtaken by a young man

Expectations of men and women How does dating between Gemma and Stefano go? The situation does not seem very comfortable.

Clouds loom over the relationship between Gemma Galgani and her fiance Stefano. Our Lady of the Throne will be the heroine of today’s episode, and we’ll be talking a lot especially about her relationship with Stefano. The knight entered into a dating offer to woo the lady, who knew Leonardo at the time, and thus the man was set aside. After the acquaintance of Gemma and Leonardo sank, the woman decides to give the man a second chance, but it seems that things are not going well.

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The Progress of Men and Women: The Situation between Gemma and Stefano

According to the previews, the relationship between the two does not take off and the woman does not seem to be attracted to the man. It appears that Gemma decided to end the acquaintance because she preferred a younger suitor, as Tina indicated on several occasions during clashes with the lady. In short, Gemma does not feel that acquaintance with Stefano is taken and, in turn, will experience insecurities, unable to trust the lady because the signals arriving are not encouraging.

So on the horizon is another shipwreck story of Gemma Galgani, who still hasn’t been able to find stability with one of the jockeys on a dating show. So we’ll see if the lady breaks off with Stefano, as she probably does, or maybe she’ll try to figure out how things unfold, maybe even wait for a new knight on the show to come to court. she has. Today we will know more, but for sure the situation between Gemma and Stefano does not promise to develop in a positive way.

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