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Stefano Pettarini on the drama after GF Vip's disqualification: 'They're gone'

Stefano Pettarini on the drama after GF Vip’s disqualification: ‘They’re gone’

Stefano Pettarini talks about the drama after GF Vip’s disqualification: ‘They’re gone’. Here is what Simona Ventura’s ex-husband admitted

First, a football show and a wedding he also gave several covers, one with Simon Ventura. Then a second career as a TV personality, and not just in reality TV. but now Stefano Petarini The past, even the last, seems to be archived but not by choice.

Stefano Pettarini (ANSA Photo)

It all started two years ago, when Alfonso Signorini Decided to call him back in Big Brother VIP 5After the former football player has already participated in the first edition. But his adventure was short-lived: he was expelled for blasphemy, real or supposed.

At the time, he took it pretty badly and vented on social media like this: “I’ve often heard Madowska say it out of anger, pleasure, and in-between class. I use it and use it for what it is, a slur of another word that would otherwise be uttered with blasphemy.” It’s all, that she lacked that, the intent to be reckless and disrespectful to my religion. So I find the ‘punishment’ disproportionate, and after 21 days of quarantine and 5 tampons, I feel ridiculous about it.”

Stefano Pettarini, what a hit: TV forgot about him after GF Vip

But since then, everything has changed for him, at least on television and on Canale 5. Many programs, such as the Barbara D’Urso Where he was a frequent guest, it was either canceled or drastically changed. And for Stefano Pettarini, there was no other room in any project.

A recent fleeting appearance hyenas Stop. The situation has also become heavy because the former footballer does not understand the reasons for this exile from a world that was often his own.

So here is the vent with the weekly “what’s new”. Over two years of exile from television is just too much for him, and also because there is no real reason. After the disqualification I got very little sympathy. I thought most of the colleagues and friends were important in my life They have gone. However, the real stuff remained, few but as good as they say. Having my partner was essential.”

Stefano Pettarini, what a blow: he consoles himself with love for Nicoletta Larini, over six years together

However, the flip side of the coin is the deeper relationship with Nicoletta Larini, his new partner. On February 6, Stefano turns 50 and decides to celebrate away from Italy: two weeks in the Maldives with her also because he had already admitted by that time that he felt misunderstood in Italy.

As he confessed to ‘Novella 2000’, “I am with the person I love, who has always been there and always. We met when she was 22, and it was instantly great love. We moved in together after only four days, and now we’ve been together for six years.” I pleased with it And I try to support her in everything, even in her activities.

His evolving personalities never intimidated him: “I’m lucky I got there so well. It’s an important milestone. Age presses, but I’m still happy. I get there with a positive mood, an iota of nostalgia for the carefree years I had. I realize I’ve grown of consciousness, but I still feel young. I’ll say I’m still a big boy.”

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