Saturday, July 20, 2024

Stefano Bonacini and the Autonomy of Emilia-Romagna: “Awaiting Visions, Now to Vote Yes”


“The right finds itself internally divided in the face of a false and divisive law signed by Roberto Calderoli and is now grasping at straws. One only has to read the documents to understand that these are two diametrically opposed proposals compared to our plan.” This was the answer given in an interview by the president of Emilia-Romagna Stefano Bonacini Republic, to the center-right, underscoring how the governor at the time joined the autonomy program. Emilia-Romagna’s request, Bonacini underlines, “some of the preliminary 23 subjects, especially these have only limited and specific functions. The aim was to simplify and reduce bureaucracy, to provide effective and rapid responses to citizens and businesses. However, the gap between national education and the basic principles of health The split is made here.”

The governor then promises to support the referendum: “If time permits, I will ask the regional council of Emilia-Romagna to implement the referendum with the other four regions, according to the constitution. But in a few days, after my election to the European Parliament, we will enter the phase of weakening the powers granted by law, so the time scales are very tight. We evaluate. I am sure that the whole democratic party will rally, and you will see that a strong contribution will come from Emilia-Romagna to defend the constitution and the unity of the country.

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