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Start of the week with some rain in part of Italy, then a strong new African comeback.  Here's how to use «3B Meteo

Start of the week with some rain in part of Italy, then a strong new African comeback. Here’s how to use «3B Meteo

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air circulation On the European scale, it will maintain similar characteristics to the weekend even at the start of the new week. Wet and unstable Atlantic currents Associated with depression over the UK new disorder that will bring rain, plentiful too On the part of the North. Even Monday is rainy in some areas even if Most of the peninsula will remain under the control of a subtropical tropical cyclone That will bring the sun and abnormal temperature.

Front Repercussions On Monday they will also be heard on Tuesday Which, however, will already be marked with a noticeable improvement. Atlantic Sakatora will actually indicate towards the Azores Energizing warm subtropical front To go up again towards Central Western Europe. The outcrop will protrude along the meridians from south to north into nearly all of Europe.

Isothermal hyperthermic, with Values ​​up to +15 / +20 °C at 1500m Spain, France and Italy at that time between Friday and the weekend will also occupy Germany, Poland and Scandinavia. Italy will be completely engulfed in high pressure And rain won’t have a chance to reach us even if the weather is possible be cloudy locally Because of the high levels of humidity in the air. Like this situation won’t change In essence, not even in the second part of the week that will still see a subtropical tropical cyclone dominating the southern central sector and our peninsula with prevailing sun and higher temperatures beyond normal. And the’ abnormal condition Which may also accompany us beginning of november.

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