Thursday, July 25, 2024

Starfield exclusive 100% on Xbox, confirmation arrives from very reliable sources –


Starfield it will be’Xbox exclusively 100%: Popular YouTube Rand Taurus said they received the news confirmation From very reliable sources, hence it will not be questioned at all.

The fact that the following Bethesda games will be exclusive to Xbox is a thesis that many insiders have supported since NewsObsession For publisher before MicrosoftBut the company hasn’t yet spoken in specific terms about individual projects.

However, the Starfield case is different: According to Rand Al Thor’s words, the title was released last year but it was. Delayed Because of the pandemic, and we’ll see it in stores starting with this Autumn.

“The trade mark Starfield targets 2021 and many say it doesn’t mean anything, but it clearly doesn’t mean it, ”one YouTuber said, beating out a list of Bethesda games that were published specifically in the year the brand was registered.

“We are all thinking about the next step Show Bethesda will primarily focus on reveal From Starfield, maybe with one Demo play They have been impressing users for 30 minutes, and I’m convinced the game will be out this fall, be it October or November. “

“I heard the title should have been released last year, but because of COVID it was postponed, as has happened to many other things. After that, Microsoft bought Bethesda, and as I said from the beginning, then. Current contracts, all upcoming Bethesda games will be exclusive On Xbox “.

In that regard, “I have been told by very reliable sources that Stafield will be 100% Xbox exclusive,” Rand then specified to Thor, adding that he personally now believes that this potential is indeed tangible.

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