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Stages and guests

Alberto Angela goes beyond national boundaries to explain the wonders of Europe. The Science Detective returns with a journey of discovery “Wonderland” which, in this new series entitled Stars of Europe, explores for the first time, in addition to the Italian sites, the most magnificent UNESCO sites on our continent.

Mi casa es tu casa, Cristiano Malgioglio’s show on Rai 2 tonight: guests and previews

Alberto Angela’s “Wonder” is back: Stages tonight

tonight on tv, Wed 28 Decearly in the evening At 21.25 on Rai1And, for three weeks, the Rai Cultura program dedicated to the riches of our cultural and environmental heritage is back. A journey that traverses Europe from east to west, south to north, in search of the beauty most representative of each country, but also the lines of a common history and identity. In addition to the story of Alberto Angela, stunning images captured in 4K using daring drones, this series is enriched with testimonies of famous guests and artistic performances in some of the most important places of the trip.

Roberto Ball on Rai 1 on New Year’s Eve: “An Avatar Dancing from TV into the Metaverse”


The trip begins on the first loop of Mont Saint-Michel in northern France, an island that seems to dance between land and sea to the rhythm of the tides. Home to a famous Benedictine abbey, it lies in the middle of a vast bay open to the English Channel, where the tides are among the strongest in Europe. In the most intense phase the sea withdraws about twenty kilometres, only to return afterwards, isolating the monastery from the mainland.

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Then it continues to Lisbon, in Portugal, Europe’s western gateway open to the immensity of the oceans. From the Tower of Belém, to the embroidery of the Jeronimos Monastery, Alberto Angela talks about this wonderful city that lies on the banks of the Tagus River and overlooks the ocean. It takes us by tram through the narrow streets of Alfama, the old Arab quarter, to discover the wonderful azulejos of the Palace of the Marquess of Frontera, all the way to the Carmo Chapel where the magnificent Dulce Pontes sings to the tunes of Maestro Ennio Morriconi. .

Alberto Angela, selfie with the mural dedicated to his father Piero: “It’s beautiful, it’s enormous … Thank you very much”


The Italian stage of this episode is Verona, the city of Verona that inspired the literary love of Romeo and Juliet. In the arena, an ancient amphitheater made to house gladiators and now one of the largest opera houses in the world, Alberto Angela meets Roberto Ball, the legendary Romeo of the dance. On Juliet’s Balcony, Riccardo Coquiante interprets a passage from his popular opera dedicated to the lovers of the tragedians. The journey ends in Chartres, a French town with the oldest and best preserved Gothic cathedral on the Old Continent. Its famous stained glass windows, which have been preserved intact for nine centuries, give their name to the colour, the famous ‘Chartres blue’. The mysterious labyrinth in the center of the nave is actually an elementary path that leads believers to salvation.

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