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Sprouts: properties and uses

Grain sprouts and legumes are ideal foods to stay young and beautiful. Now they can be purchased anywhere or easily grown at home, indoors, or in a small shaded area of ​​u200bu200bthe balcony. They do not require the use of pesticides or fertilizers and are a true delicacy. We know all the properties of these healthy little concentrates.

stadium germination From soy and hay Greco Girasole This, but also spelling Millet and barley celery, Watercress, known and appreciated by the Chinese Millennium.

Today buds I Best allies Whoever wants protection Health, never run out of them energy and keep Line.

Sprouts: Natural Supplements

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I very rich of material nutritious Precisely because it is located in climax who are they biological cycle: good value proteins, unsaturated fats, Vitamins and minerals, including football, iron and potassium magnesium, phosphorous e zinc High focus.

their point of view from Energy and the Wealth of the enzymes developed by the process germinationand enzymes that can be considered biological stimuli able to prefer Conversion From fats to fatty acids more digestible.

And again: during germination Proteins they come “Pridegreat” By enzymes, it is broken down into Amino acids Quickly accommodating.

Great craftsmanship for buds

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There is no need to be chef to be able to enjoy. many buds Versatile and simple To prepare: they can to add with minestrone and Power, get ready with rice The pasta or still in filling Some sandwiches.

Even those who do not have automatic sprouting can grow to a house their buds. The procedure involvesimmersion in a little water Half that’s yes they prefer (preferably from biological) for every Reactivate it germ.

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The container will go covered up With wet tea towel And you have to expect from is being a twelve hours why Snack seedlings; The biochemical transformations They will make them food more easily easy to digest of seeds take off and richer in principles food.

after this time, seeds go rinse and again ready, Until now wet, at the bottom of the Dish, Without adding more water and covering it because Don’t take the light. every day for 3-5 days, The seeds will go rinse a few times under water Stream.

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When the seedlings reach an approximate height 4 cm, could be open to the light a few hours, because it sucks chlorophyll. Finally, after obtaining it washed and delete any Non-sprouting seeds, could be consumer straight away or refrigerated in glass jar And it wasn’t preserved for later Two weeks.