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Spring, the seasonal trend is no doubt! Anything capricious can happen with Easter »

Weather: Spring, the seasonal trend no doubt! Something strange could happen inside Easter

First improvements in the springSeasonal trends, once unreliable and merely the subject of research and interest for enthusiasts and enthusiasts, have now become the perfect tool for scientific forecasting, with decisive contributions to long-term climate assessment.

Is about to officially launch Spring (Sunday, March 20) And thank you Seasonal forecasts In the long run, we can already get a general idea of ​​the expected temperatures and rainfall in the coming months.
The European Center update is no doubt beginning to outline a much more accurate picture Atmospheric disturbances At the hemispherical level: the predictions are clear, there is a risk of already unthinkable advertising April And Easter.

In recent years something seems to have caused congestion in the climate, and we often live in a kind of cheese With alternating between long Anticyclonic phases Characterized by above-average temperatures and sudden bursts of cold air Extreme weather events. These are nothing but clear signs of climate change and its effects are increasingly evident in our country as well.

Well, basically Latest updates In Central Europe, an unusual weather forecast is expected between the end of March and the beginning of April, especially Temperature. The talk is broad and the European team is: it seems that heat values ​​will increase Climate above average (up to + 2 C) Especially the Iberian Peninsula and much of eastern Europe.
Is this Italy? Our country will somehow find itself Limb With sunny days and the hottest temperatures of the season, it may be reasonable to expect average temperatures in both April and May. The most capricious page of springWith the real risk of extreme weather events.

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Long-term predictions do not really exclude Possibility A Rather lively flow Downward from the North Atlantic at the beginning of the month April, A flow can in many cases disrupt (and consequently rainfall), first in Western Europe and then in Italy. So, the page may have been served “Capricious“Primavera, mainly due Meridian exchanges Common to intermediate seasons (north to south), air masses are still free to orbit the continent.
In particular, the entry of cold and unstable drafts at high altitudes can, even abruptly, act as a trigger for explosions. Heavy thunderstormsOften accompanied SleetEspecially in the afternoon.
With this kind of dynamics, our central-northern regions will be more exposed and even at risk during the Easter holidays. For details, it is necessary to wait a while as there is more temporary distance.

That said, these are Reasons For that we risk living Intense spring: For a significant variation in normal in the coming months, a continuous increase in temperature on a hemispherical level may be added, which will always translate High energy energy Is endangered for the purpose of triggering exceptional weather events.

Reference Climate Temperatures above averageReference Climate Temperatures above average