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Sports in the United States of America: Impact on the Educational System

Sports in the United States of America: Impact on the Educational System

sports In the United States of America: Impact on the education system

When we think about sports in the United States of America, many people naturally associate the topic with it American movies or series The sporting element is strongly distinguished by the characters that represent it.

This is not a coincidence, as we will see that sports discipline plays a central role in… American education system.

In the above-mentioned films or TV series, we have seen, in different situations and with different meanings, Al Classic high school bullys High schoolHe struggles with the gym and his institute phenomenon, always one step ahead of others and earning the respect of the teachers and principal for his performance. Athlete. In this figure, which has become stereotyped over the years, there is a grain of truth, which is related to Title Under examination: Sports in the United States of America.

In the United States and Canada, sports are not secondary to academic subjects. Rather, it is a prelude to ensuring a bright future in college, thanks to scholarships that reflect athletic performance. Ironically, more emphasis is placed on being first on the field rather than in school. The institute itself, along with those who replace it, presents itself as Supporter, encourager, supporter From your team.

Sports in the United States of America It’s been really praised, and you can see it on match day in English Game daywhich features large-scale opening celebrations, from mascots to animated choreography CheerleadersAll the way to the participation of musical bands and celebrations of various kinds.

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Even young students retain the name of their high school by subtraction Women’s clubs It includes activities such as: volleyball H Softball. Nowadays, both public and private schools host men’s and women’s teams.

This is a salient point: sports in the United States give opportunities to many young talents, and those who are able to make their way and prove themselves in the public eye can aim high.

Regarding the American mentality

Success and idea “Always do your best to be rewarded.” They certainly belong to the American sports environment, but they are different Ideological factors Who strongly support and hope to promote the sport in the United States of America.

Sports In the United States it is defined as a factor of psychophysical well-being, an increase in quality of life, and a reinforcer of values ​​that the nation considers to be enduring. democratic He can’t help but support.

Cooperation and competition: Two key words with which we can summarize the ideas most deeply rooted in the United States.

think about it Multiethnic nature For American society, and the cooperation in which sports can contribute to achieving a Mutual supportThen it aimed to compete with powerful opponents to impose its presence. Unfortunately, integration is not always that easy and contexts differ greatly from each other, making us not always able to find a suitable team with whom we can feel close.

Classification of sports teams

To fully understand how students are distributed among the different sports teams in a school, it is appropriate to first look at the way the student body is organized. classic american high school, more accurate American. High school is hard 4 yearsDepending on which year you belong to, you are:

  • student;
  • A student in his second year of studies;
  • junior;
  • big.

salary increasing.

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These students are distributed from different years Three types From sports teams:

  • student: Designed for first year students;
  • Junior varsity: Which students of all grades can access, and the best of them enter School team;
  • Squash: Designed for the best players in the school.

The last is the representative teams Middle schools and high schoolsall the way to college.

There are huge contributions and funds allocated to support these Young talentsIn fact, as previously mentioned, there is Scholarships Very profitable which definitely encourages the sport to be practiced in the United States. You can even talk about it University papers (“Easier Squash“): And to get to know To the student for his contribution through school activities, sports or even music, for example. I am Letter decorin the true sense of the word, which is given to students and which serves as a reward for those who practice it, giving their institution a high standard.

National Collegiate Athletic Association

abbreviation National Collegiate Athletic Association Represent National Collegiate Athletic Association It is organized Without profit It aims to manage the sports activities of many students who join the sports programs in United State, Canada H Puerto Rico. Headquarters The ad is located Indianapolis. to’National Collegiate Athletic Association And The largest college sports organization in the world Due to the enormous popularity of college sports in the USC, they are more popular in many states than the various national leagues.

There is one Internal hierarchyOr rather, the institutes are divided into:

  • section One (including prestigious);
  • Second section ;
  • Section Three.

across the National Collegiate Athletic Associationthose of section OneH Second section They provide Scholarships for athletes (Sports scholarships), which constitutes important support in bearing university expenses. However, it is not enough to participate in any sports program offered by the institute to benefit from this advantage. In fact, there are two types of sports programs in the United States of America:

  • Between colleges: Which includes matches filled with a rich spirit of competition between teams from different institutes;
  • internal: Less competitive challenges limited to teams from the same institute.
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If you participate in Intercollegiate level Usually you can receive the scholarship in recognition of your athletic performance and ability.

Featured image source: Pixabay