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Spezia: Motta challenges Milan and thinks of Sampdoria, flips – Liguria

In the rest of Maggiore and Manaj banned

(ANSA) – LA SPESIA, JANUARY 15 – Spezia could replace him against Milan on Monday afternoon because the following Sunday there will be a climax against Sampdoria, where it is important to score chances that are considered more difficult with the Rossoneri. The club is planning a match with a big specific weight, giving old subscribers the right to first pre-emption on tickets until next Tuesday. Thiago Motta is likely to think about it too, as he has to manage Maggiore and Manag’s warnings, basic last month and his best since the start of the season (8 points in 6 races).

For this reason, Kovalenko is running down the San Siro stadium from the first minute. But Motta, at least in words, does not consider this possibility. “We are only thinking about Milan, 100%, we will have time to focus on Sampdoria and Salernitana.”

What is certain is that the success against Genoa gave us enthusiasm. “At Ferrari I liked the situation. We played a brave and ambitious match. In the first half we continued to attack, in the second we managed to get them back. We showed ourselves united, good at defending and restarting.”

Against Milan, Motta could play 3-5-2, with Gyassi retracting on the right flank to help Amiens curb Hernandez and Leo. Agudelo is also a shirt candidate, returning from the disqualifications, rather than Green, by virtue of his ability to press and his greater defensive inclination.

Possibly there is a chance in the match for Bourabia, the midfielder arrived to raise the technical average of the division, but he stopped with two injuries. In Milan there will be President Philipp Platke in the stands. Returning to Italy at this time after his vacation in the States, today he noticed training at the Vollo Sports Center.

Motta, who seemed destined for relief at Christmas time, cemented his position but had no illusions about the difficulties Spezia would face again. “The road to salvation is long and treacherous. We must remain united, for our own good, for the club and for the fans” (ANSA).

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