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Spazio Bulgarni introduces himself to the city through an extensive program of sporting activities events in Cesena

Spazio Bulgarni introduces himself to the city through an extensive program of sporting activities events in Cesena

Social life and healthy lifestyles in a forward-looking place. Thursday 15 September In Spazio Bulgarn the “Insieme”, the open day organized by Sport Time SSD, the new manager of the property included in the “Spazio Comune” network established by the municipal administration, with the counties, will take place in December 2021 and consists of ten completely renovated buildings.

The afternoon period begins at 5:30 pm with the opening of the doors and the start of various activities that will be presented to all citizens present until the evening. Then, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., kids and teens, accompanied by Sports Time coaches, will be able to compete in shooting. On the other hand, starting at 7 p.m., all those who intend to experience a type of training that focuses on better coordination and strength of daily movements, will be able to try their hand at functional training for an hour, followed by a group “Spinning” aerobic activity on the bike, from 8 evening. based on rhythm. Everything will be enriched by the free refreshments available to the participants.

After the open day on Thursday, Spazio Bulgarn will offer various options for sports and leisure activities: archery, gymnastics, spinning, functional training, cycling, running, table tennis, board games and football. Sports time will provide information evenings in space, focused on health, and, accordingly, on proper nutrition, sports and body movement. From October, it will also be possible to participate in entertainment evenings open to all for “4 conversations in the company” to meet and exchange experiences.

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Spazio Bulgarn’s rooms will also be available to organize meetings and birthdays by contacting Sport Time at [email protected] or 0547 630899.

Spazio CSI, Casa dell’Ecologia Integrale, Spazio La Fiorita, Opificio Artaj, Spazio Macanin, Spazio Cesuola, Centro i Maceri, Spazio Case Castagnoli, Spazio Bulgarnò. The itinerary “Cesena Rigenera – Common space” starts from these top ten properties, started by the Cesena Municipal Administration in December 2021 with the main objective of improving the community spaces and creating a network between the people who manage these spaces and who will meet the people in these spaces Cesena proposes cultural, artistic or Entertainment of a social nature. The event will be followed on Thursday 15 September by other events that will take place at the network’s private properties: Center for Visual Arts and Landscape (Via Fosconi, 59), Obivicio Artague (Viale della Resistenza n.55), Spazio Cesuola (via Ponte Abbadesse, 451), House of Integral Ecology (Via Cervese 4303), Spazio Case Castagnoli (via Emilia Levante, 1346).

The full program can be found on the municipality’s website, on the page: Rete Spazio Comune.