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Spaniards of Vauxhall Abandon Maloney Conservatives for Sovereign Patriots


Rome: “We are the third group in the European Parliament. We respect Vox’s choice, but we don’t know how much it will benefit our Spanish friends.” At Fratelli d’Italia we try to act in peace, but the political pain is fully felt, surprisingly the ultra-conservative party of Santiago Abascal, one of Meloni’s favorite colleagues in the European Right Front and a superstar in the latest edition of Atreju, who left the ECR group in the European Parliament to join Viktor Orbán’s Patriots of Europe. What Salvini has already chosen is Salvini’s strategy, a strategy of continuous and blatant disengagement from the European strategy of Georgia, seen by the FdI and the Italian prime minister, as insidious and highly irritating. The record of the state of relations between the two leaders, by those who know them well, should perhaps not be so low.

In any case, despite the departure of 6 members of Vox from the Melonian euro group, Ecr is currently the third team in the European Parliament with 78 MPs, two distances behind the Liberals (76). At the FdI they say Vox’s move “was made in recent days and the membership of the Patriots arises above all from Spanish national dynamics”. Cold rain remains. Two days ago a prominent member of Vox was elected vice president of the Ecr group, the European family led by Meloni. And then, not even 48 hours later, a goodbye to Meloni and a hug to Orban. “Georgia will always be a friend and an ally,” Abascal assures.

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Nicola Procaccini, Meloni’s loyalist and head of the Ecr, gives a grunt: “Our group will follow the path that brings Europe to its origins, we will continue to follow without hesitation, without restricting ourselves to mere testimony”. How will the Patriots fare? Which grows but, if the melonian speaks, count not. But they could count on a lot if Le Pen’s party, now in Identity and Democracy, joins this new coalition – after the French elections tomorrow or in the next few days.
Salviniers are about to migrate from IT to Orban’s new team: «Membership of Vox is a very important signal. A front for change is growing in Europe, saying a firm no to Van der Leyen and the Socialists”, reads a note from Salvini’s party. More than a welcome to Vox, it’s a message in a bottle for Meloni, who is still negotiating with Van der Leyen.

By joining Orban’s group, the League will bring eight members of parliament. Also, the Dutch are coming: “We want to join forces in the European Parliament, and we will proudly join the Patriots for Europe,” declares Geert Wilders, leader of the PVV, a key stakeholder in the newly formed Dutch government, which consists of six. MEPs.

New arrival

If the Lepenist Rassemblement National’s 30 MPs are added, the group will reach 75. Just three places lower than Ecr. At that time the lowest step of the European stage will be threatened: the entry of a small delegation will be enough for the Patriots to take the place of the ECR.

Meloni no longer has Orban, she no longer has Abascal (the jingle is unforgettable: «Soya Giorgia, soya una mujer», shouted from the Vox stage in Andalusia in 2021), she feels undermined by Le Pen (a close friend of Matteo). What about a continental position and relations with Salvini? Naturally, she lacked the political acumen to reverse this situation.

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Above all it can boast the right international position – on the Atlanticist front and with Ukraine – that others lack. If the Patriots Institute, albeit growing, can provide a lot of counter-evidence, Meloni has what it takes to really count on EU decisions, getting into the game and convincing the Commissioner and the Vice-President. That is, in Fito. But the deal must be closed. The fact that they are trying to weaken it from the right may push it to accelerate its entry strategy into the EU government’s best game. This week, in a meeting with various political groups, but not all of them, Ursula will also see Georgia.

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