Saturday, July 20, 2024

SpaceX will take astronauts into space on 4/20, which is a very special date


SpaceX will soon bring four NASA astronauts into space, on a very special date and Already mentioned many times by Elon Musk: Apr 20 (4/20). The expected SpaceX mission Crew-4, which was previously scheduled for April 19, was recently postponed to this new date. Coincidences? maybe.

Steve Stitch, NASA’s Crew Program Manager, joked that Crew-4 would be a “4-4-4” mission. The reason is simple: This is SpaceX’s fourth mission with NASA, with four reinforcements and in the fourth month of the year. However, the 4/20 date is noteworthy, especially since Musk has mentioned this number over and over again.

420 or 4:20 or 4/20 is a term for cannabis consumption Moreover, a way of identifying with the culture of the essence. Even the billionaire owner of SpaceX has Claimed to withdraw Tesla stock at $420It is a statement that caused the company to lose 9% of the value of its shares.

We don’t know if SpaceX changed the Crew-4 mission for this reason, but When Elon Musk is involved, we should expect everything. But what we do know is that the crew will consist of Commander Jill Lindgren, Pilot Robert Haines, and mission specialists, Very Italian Samantha Cristoforetti and Jessica Watkins.

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