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Space, what awaits us in 2022

Space, what awaits us in 2022

In 2022 it will start Traffic intensification to the moon. You must record the year At least ten missions directed at our natural satellite. Program launch Artemis 1, the inaugural chapter of a NASA program that aims to bring the first woman and the next man to the surface of Cellini.Not before 2025“Since an agency official recently made it official, Bill Nelson, and more peremptory e Ruthless cost analysis OIG (which, to be precise, cites references that are not precisely identified).

The expedition will also constitute the inaugural flight of space launch system, the US heavy bomber with a very complex development, was delayed several times and more expensive. On the ship Artemis 1 there will be about ten payload, of between it Argomoon mini satelliteMade by a company based in Turin ergotic, Lunar orbiter probe and space weather study. A Japanese lander will attempt to land.

At more or less a bend, Im-1 will depart aboard the Falcon 9, with its lunar lander Intuitive machines and other tools. It will be the first mission to serve the commercial lunar payload, which is its own NASA initiative Pushing people to provide solutions for extraterrestrial exploration. in December Im-2 will bring a probe that will try to do it for the first time Mining On the moon, ice was extracted with small craters in the Antarctic region. As expected, the competition will start to intensify with traffic.

a July In fact, take off Luna 25, the first Russian mission since the 1970s, which will land a new lander. over there Korea will try it in August With a probe that rotates during the summer India You will send Chandrayaan-3, not just to touch the ground, but to explore it with a rover. the The United Arab Emirates October: The robot will travel with the landing craft of the Japanese private company Ispace. On the other hand, the Japan Space Agency is planning to send a lander, the Slim.

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