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Space-time tunneling between two black holes, they’ve done it: teleportation is possible

The Einstein-Rosen Bridge, also called a wormhole, is a hypothetical relativistic feature of space-time.

The Einstein-Rosen Bridge It is often said gravity tunnelhighlighting the gravitational dimension closely interconnected with the other two dimensions: place and time. This singularity in space-time has at least two ends, connected by a single tunnel or corridor, that are able to travel from one end to the other by passing through it.

The first scientist to theorize the existence of Einstein-Rosen bridges was Ludwig Flamm in 1916. In this sense, the gravitational tunnel hypothesis is a realization of the 19th century theory of the fourth spatial dimension which posits a fourth spatial dimension that shortens distances, and thus travel times.

Simulation of a wormhole between two black holes using a quantum computer.

A wormhole, that is, a tunnel in space-time, is not actually created. Researchers have studied its dynamics thanks to a quantum computer. This simulated two black holes and then sent a message to each other through one of them “abbreviation” in spacetime. It is the first experience of its kind. Designed by scientists to explore the possibility of quantum gravity, a theory that unites gravity and quantum physics.

These are two basic and well-studied descriptions of nature that seem incompatible with each other. The study has been published in the journal Nature byHarvard universityFrom Massachusetts Institute of Technology (dead), From California Institute of Technology (California Institute of Technology), From Google Quantum AI And the Fermilab. In fact, wormholes are bridges between two distant regions in space-time.

No one has ever observed them through experiments. Scientists have been theorizing about their existence for nearly a century. in 1935 Albert Einstein And the Nathan Rosen They described wormholes as tunnels through space-time. That is why they are defined as “Einstein-Rosen Bridges”. for the first time Juan Maldacena And the Leonard SusskindIn 2013, the idea that wormholes and quantum physics might have a connection emerged.

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in 2017 jaffris, Together with other colleagues, he expanded the concept to artificial intelligence Wormholes that can be crossed from one end to the other. The researchers show that the gravitational description of a traversable wormhole is equivalent to quantum teleportation. Therefore, this new experiment explored the equivalence of wormholes with quantum teleportation.

He investigated the idea that information traveling from one point to another in space could be described in the language of gravity or the language of quantum physics. The researchers conducted the experiment on a computer version Google’s Sycamore 2, which contains 72 qubits. But the scientists used only nine qubits to reduce the amount of interference and noise in the system.