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Space: From Mars to Jupiter, all flights in orbit in 2022

Space: From Mars to Jupiter, all flights in orbit in 2022

the Telescopio James Webb He’s only been in space for a few days, but expectations are already growing for the first images he’ll send back in September. However, she is not the only one space mission It is scheduled to take place in 2022. In fact, the new year will see the launch of probes towards new destinations, further studies on Mars and the exploration of the Moon with some robots. over there CNN Narrative of the astronomical surprises of 2022, including the return of man to the universe with new interstellar travel.

Mars, Moon and New Planets, All Space Missions for 2022

Secrets and Past of Mars at NASA

The Red Planet has been at the center of studies for decades. In 2021, several missions touched the surface Mars Next year will not be outdone. over there NASA Plans new Ingenuity helicopter flights and more in-depth investigations into Perseverance in the roverIn search of water and traces of life. The arrival of the collected samples on Earth may reveal intriguing news about the presence of organic molecules or microfossils that could point to traces of life.

Meanwhile, a third rover will arrive in 2022. It is about ExoMars Rosalind Franklin, built in cooperation with the European Space Agency and the Russian space agency Roscosmos, which is expected to take off in September. The launch will take place from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, and the flight is expected to take nine months before reaching Mars, scheduled for June 10, 2023. The craft will land in Oxyplanum, an area north of the planet’s equator that contains the richest. Clay minerals that scientists believe are 4 billion years old. With its ability to penetrate the Earth to a depth of two meters, ExoMars Rosalind Franklin will go searching for water to better reveal the history of the Red Planet.

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Webb’s first photos and missions to Jupiter

Not only Mars. In fact, NASA has been working on Jupiter since 2016 thanks to the Juno mission, whose spacecraft is moving toward some of the 79 moons orbiting the giant of the solar system. In September 2022, the first images of Europa, one of the most fascinating satellites due to an ocean beneath a layer of ice that could support life, should arrive from space. A few months ago, between June and July, the first images and scientific data of Telescopio James Webb, Its goal is to examine the atmosphere of the outer planets by penetrating them.

3D reconstruction of the James Webb Telescope launched this Christmas (Twitter)

Also surprising is the flight of Psyche, the spacecraft that will depart in August on a four-year expedition to an unexplored world. In fact, NASA intends to investigate the still unknown morphology that lies within the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The unusual object could represent the metal core of a destroyed planet or a testament to primitive matter. Next month, NASA will crash orbited spaceship On the surface of the moon to an asteroid to change its course. You will hit the mission DimorphosDidymus, a small moon orbiting the Earth. The studio also speaks a little Italian, as the effect will be recorded by the Light Italian Cubesat Asteroid Imaging, a cubic satellite provided byItalian space agency.

Robots return to the moon as they prepare for the next human journeys into space

2022 will be “another great step for humanity”. Space agencies have never closed their eyes Luna And preparing to send new robots to our satellite. India will launch Chandrayaan-3 into space to continue the search for water molecules initiated by the first rover in 2008, while Japan will send its Slim, Smart Lander to investigate the moon. According to the agency’s reports, the main goal will be to lay the foundations for the landing of future lunar exploration missions, which will also return a sample. It will also conduct a new probe for Russia with Luna 25, the country’s first mission since 1976. It is scheduled to land near the south pole of the moon in Bogoslavsky Crater, carrying scientific instruments and cameras to study the surrounding environment.

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Great expectations are also for manned space missions. over there NASA Preparations must begin for Artemis program That in 2025 he will bring a woman and a black person to the lunar soil for the first time. India instead plans to launch its first astronauts in 2023, while China will continue repairs and modernization of its personal space station. In November, awho – which He will then announce his new class of astronauts.