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Space Festival 2022 begins

Space Festival 2022 begins

The Busalla Space Festival reaches 6. The 2022 edition, whose main focus will be sustainability and food in space travel, will also take place this year with attendance, and will be a fully immersive four-day event among many astronaut-related themes. It also does so in this sixth edition with scientific accuracy, but also in a fun way, alternating expert stories with more fun moments, which in any case stimulate curiosity and learning.

It starts on the afternoon of Thursday 30 June, and continues until 6 pm (approximately) on Sunday 3 July, at the historic Villa Porzino. It is the revision, now a very popular annual event, devised by astronaut Franco Malerba and always true to his popular science mission to inform adventure in the universe in the three key moments of exploration, knowledge, and use. For the purposes of technological innovation and economic development.

And right in front of Villa Porzino the first Italian astronaut, Franco Malerba, was born about 76 years ago: “My father was a stationmaster, and I was born in one of the accommodations in the train station in front of the hill that hosts Villa Porzino” – Malireba recalls in the autobiography , published by Sajib, “The Astronaut’s Profession”.
2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the tethered mission and the first Italian astronaut, hence Malerba, who in 1992 was the first Italian in shuttle orbit, as a scientific astronaut for the Italian Space Agency (ASI), and many years earlier, in 1977, was one of the The European Space Agency’s top four Europeans.

“There will be representatives from ASI and companies to remind of this mission, making a lot of memories resurface not only for me, but also among the citizens of Pousala” – says Mallerba, who is also the event organizer along with consultant Fabrizio Vazzari.
In the context of the annual celebrations and the history of space in Italy, for the framework of the festival from a purely cultural perspective, on the evening of June 30, there will be a preview of the documentary film by Marco Spagnoli, which weaves the history of Italian space through original interviews of characters who were key actors in that story.

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But one of the main themes in the 2022 edition is related to the sustainability associated with future astronautics: “The science topic we have chosen this year may seem unusual, but it is in fact a fundamental challenge to the sustainability of space exploration with astronauts. – If we believe in the feasibility of human settlements on other celestial bodies, such as the Moon and beyond on Mars.

“The ability to ensure adequate nutrition for astronauts will be essential to their survival, health, and psychological and physical well-being – continues Malerba – away from Earth, it becomes imperative to grow plants, recycle any waste and turn it into fertilizer, and renew the exchange of resources, oxygen and carbon dioxide between the world’s Plant and animal world. In order to create, he pushed the circular economy to an extreme, and could no longer rely on direct supplies from the land.”

Conferences scheduled on the Webb Telescope, in the Artemis program, are Europe’s new Vega C and Ariane 6 launchers. Then a rich portion of space medicine, interior life, nutritional aspects, and much more. And then, we’ll talk about extra virgin olive oil: “It is compatible with the EVO oil research program that Samantha Cristoforetti will use during her current mission aboard the space station” – adds Malerba – “A

Bussala will talk about the Italian EVO oil and its special organoleptic properties, which make it a healthy food even for astronauts.” The most important event of the business world is the 1 July day dedicated to the space economy, that is, the development of new applications and new services that can be realized thanks to the synergy between satellite infrastructures and digital technologies in a group A variety of different fields such as energy, communications, insurance, transportation, logistics, aviation, the marine world, urban development.Then scientific topics related to space enterprises: “After the first day marked by institutional appointments, recent book presentations on space, and conferences of great importance on the economy of space” – he says The first Italian astronaut – “The most scientific I would say is ‘Food for Extraterrestrial Travel'”, the leitmotif of the second day programme, Saturday 2 July.

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From the perspective of returning to the moon to establish lasting foundations, this is a very topical issue. In Pousala, experts from various disciplines will face the challenge of food and medicine to survive in a closed and isolated environment, far from the earth, from different angles. At the festival, we will listen in particular to research by the International Institute of Technology for which Cinque Terre pomace fights this phenomenon and can enter the diet of astronauts.”

Science fiction predicts, but with some errors dictated by the astonishing, what technology cannot do yet, and Luca Perry, physicist and popularizer, will hold one of his presentation conferences at the festival entitled: “Nollywood, never go to the cinema with a physicist”, critique Snappy and humorous errors in basic physics of some successful science fiction films.

For the little ones, “ages 6 and up,” a large “moon on the moon” table at Villa Porzino will serve as the setting for the new line of LEGO® space structures: the Lunar Rover, the Lego city lunar space station, the lunar research base and center The space: “It will be a special corner to attract selfies and memorabilia” – says Mallerba.

The full program and all information about the 2022 Space Festival can be found on the website