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Space economy, new US strategy leverages skills, safety and sustainability

Space economy, new US strategy leverages skills, safety and sustainability

The United States must continue to look to space to nurture science, research and innovation, and maintain its global leadership. These are the two pillars US Priorities Framework, The 7-page document that was presented and discussed on the occasion of The first meeting of the Space Council for the Biden presidency, held in recent days in The United Space Institute for Peace in Washington, which witnessed the presence of US Vice President Kamala Harris.

The meeting served to clarify Administration guidelines on the topic of space policy in the presence of members of the National Security Council which, by law, comprises four ministers (state, defense, commerce, and treasury), the chief of staff of the president, and the highest representatives of state agencies such as the director central Intelligence Agency Based on NASA.

There are three basic concepts Harris emphasized in her speech. The first is the need for selfTo push new generations towards studying disciplines related to space exploration This is science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In this regard, the NASA Administrator Bill Nelson talks about the “Apollo generation” This is among all the young people who in the past have found inspiration in space to become scientists and researchers and have allowed us to establish that scientific and technological leadership in which the advantage of the United States is diminished.

The second is uUsing activities in space to control and mitigate climate change And in general, use the results that come from the universe to improve the well-being of the nation and the people. To do this it is necessary Improving data exchange between experts from all fields In order to make the right decisions to address the factors driving climate change.

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The third is Safety and sustainability in space. The reference went to The latest anti-satellite test by Russia left more than 1,500 debris left in Earth orbit. This event brought back the magnifying glass of space pollution that can create problems for future space missions, whether commercial or military. The aim is to To create a framework of rules and regulations aimed in the long term to reduce debris production and unnecessary scrap that makes them responsible for taking care of them. A proposal in this regard will be ready early next spring.

He. She In any case, the framework of US priorities indicates the return of US strategic interests to space Cits national security, its challenges and its economic opportunities. And not only through government agencies, but also with the support of private companies.

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