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Space Applications of Energy: Framework Agreement Signed at Mimit Between ASI and RSE


Minister Adolfo Urso watches the signing of the agreement by Teodoro Valente, President of ASI, and Franco Cotana, CEO of RSE.

Framework agreement betweenItalian Space Agency (ASI) and Research in Energy System (RSE) It was signed at the Palazzo Piacentini in the presence of Minister of Business and Made in Italy in charge of Aerospace and Space Policies, Adolfo UrsoThe agreement signed by the President of Assiut Association. Theodore Valentiand by the CEO of RSE, Franco Cotanaaiming to achieve common goals in the fields of space and aviation, dedicated to all energy and environmental applications, and in particular aiming to develop more precise solutions and tools for Mapping of renewable energy sources (hydroelectric, solar, biomass, geothermal) To obtain accurate dynamic information on energy systems and infrastructure. Initiatives, activities and programmes will be implemented jointly and in a coordinated manner. In particular, cooperation will concern monitoring the distribution of existing power plants and identifying suitable areas for the development of renewable energy plants. Observing the Earth from space will be very useful not only for energy planning purposes, but also for environmental aspects, to measure and monitor the Earth’s albedo and control solar and infrared radiation, for climate change mitigation purposes, through joint cooperation. and coordinated implementation of initiatives, activities and programmes.

“This agreement fits perfectly into the new space policy that the Meloni government has been implementing since the beginning of the Legislative Assembly – Minister Adolfo Urso underlined -. In fact, we have allocated significant resources to the European Space Agency, as well as to the Italian Space Agency. A total of 7.3 billion euros has been allocated. For space programmes until 2026. The Framework Law on Space, now under the attention of Parliament, places Italy at the forefront of Europe in the new space realities and will allow companies in our country to best seize the opportunities of the developments taking place in the world. Space economy. This agreement signed today between ASI and RSE is of particular importance because it aims to achieve common objectives in the fields of space and aeronautics, with particular attention to the latest generation energy applications, the development of alternative solutions to mitigate climate change and the monitoring of climate change. resources. Thus, Earth observation from space becomes an indispensable tool for developing a sustainable policy and making our businesses more competitive, as well as for scientific and technological cooperation projects with North African countries, in full harmony with the Mattei Plan.

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The IAEA Director-General noted that “today’s signing represents further confirmation of the role of space activities as an element of development and growth in various sectors of society and the economy.” Theodore Valenti“It is increasingly strategic to take advantage of Earth observation data to develop useful services for monitoring resources, implementing service plans for managing and identifying suitable sites for the use and exploitation of raw materials. With our partner RSE, we will work together not only for better monitoring of the distribution of networks, but we will use our skills for collaborations that take into account activities concerned with the issue of climate change and the optimal use of water resources. No less important is the subject of renewable energy: space, and Italy with its national champions, in the use of alternative energies, has given a strong boost to the development of high-performance solar cells, which can also be used on land. The complex of this important and new collaboration is also an action that has an international perspective with a close look towards the Mediterranean countries of Africa and the African continent. A continent that we are looking at with care for integrated development with Europe. Identifying solutions capable of reducing the consumption of water resources necessary for smart agricultural systems requires technologies that allow, through satellite monitoring data, to develop customized solutions that can be managed in real time. This is A central goal of Mattei’s plan Which particularly looks at space as a common factor for growth and equal cooperation, and is fully included in the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.”

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“The collaboration with Asi represents an important step towards integrating space technologies into future energy solutions. By combining mutual skills and know-how, we will be able to develop innovative solutions to address the energy and environmental challenges of our time, and develop and implement innovative projects for the country’s transition, which will also contribute to mitigating climate change. Our common goal is to create synergies that lead to a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.” Franco CotanaCEO of RSE.

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